Why You Need to Optimize and Archive SAP

If you haven't changed or updated the Systems, Applications, and Products (SAP) your company uses to process data in a while, they could be overwhelmed and performing inefficiently.

Your Objective: Optimize your SAP platform for performance, accessibility, compliance, and records management.

The Solution: There are unique archive solutions out there allowing you to move data off of your production server while keeping it active and accessible through SAP.

Because SAP integrates both internal and external management information across an organization, its effectiveness relies heavily on communication. It's the backbone of your organizational functionality and can touch as many or as little business practices as you like.

Here are some examples:

  • Human Resources: Manages payroll, training, 401k, diversity management
  • Supply Chain Management: Manages logistics such as ordering, inventory, purchasing, claim processing
  • Project Management: Manages cost, billing, time and expenses of a project
  • Customer Relationship Management: Manages sales and marketing, commissions, call center support

Your SAP and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software are unique to your business. But no matter what industry you're in - whether you're using finance/accounting or manufacturing management modules - your platforms should be performing at top speed.

The first step to enhance your SAP platform is to clean it up. Once you understand what systems you have in place and how you currently use them, you must get rid of information having no value. This includes inactive files, documents beyond their retention period, and data needing to be moved to a more optimal spot. This will reduce storage costs and maximize your information management efficiency.

Integrating and synchronizing your systems and processes will save you time, money, and energy. More specifically, a robust information management system will:

  • Considerably improve back up, recovery, and archiving operations necessary to ensure business continuity in the event of system failure or changes in an organization's workforce
  • Keep archived data accessible to users within SAP in their native format � no need to train your users or change their behavior.
  • Increase the performance of your valuable SAP platform and other systems
  • Decrease storage and management costs
  • Provide easy and quick deployment and administration
  • Capabilities also expand to email, file shares, SharePoint, and other ERP systems

When you decide it's time to optimize your SAP platform, find a provider willing to stay with you every step of the way. DRS Imaging can not only get your systems up to speed, but also help to consult, customize, and support you as you change work processes. It's a long-term partnership that will optimize your entire information lifecycle.

Watch a 3-minute overview video providing a quick visual walk-through of Our SAP archiving solutions.