Why You Need a Hosted Document Management Solution

Whether you are a small organization or a Fortune 100 company, you need access to your important information and protection in the event of a disaster. The best way to achieve this is with a hosted document management solution.

What is document management?

Document management is the process of capturing, storing, managing, and tracking documents across your organization, from input (scanning paper documents using OCR optical character recognition), to throughputs and outputs (storing data in an easily searchable and accessible manner).

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is end-to-end document management across your company’s content lifecycle. An ECM takes paper documents and digitizes them while housing your existing digital content within a comprehensive data architecture that stores, manages, and delivers that content to the right person at the right time. Unlike a DMS (in theory), ECM is capable of supporting both traditional structured documents and unstructured content. Most of us deal with an onslaught of file types, from images and audio files to video files. The digital age brought a variety of converging data types. ECM can handle all of these content needs.

A hosted document management solution that provides access to the Cloud connects the important dots across your entire document ecosystem. Instead of bandaging together a variety of vendor solutions, all of your documents are ingested into one globally-managed location.

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How can hosted DMS help you?

Save money

Paper records create storage costs and necessitate the human resource cost of working with paper, searching for it, copying it, and printing it. These costs disappear with digitization. Your digital documents are indexed as part of the conversion process, so they are automatically organized when uploaded to Document Management Software. Content is located in seconds via built-in search options. Switching to digital saves you time and money, leading to higher efficiency and increased customer satisfaction—a major focus of 2021.

Maximize office space

Digitizing files also clears up physical space in the office. Documents are securely stored and protected within a DMS, granting controledl access to content while freeing up floor space or downsizing to save on rent.

Keep files secure

Document management systems have gated loginsand file permissions, which prevent unauthorized access and document duplication. Cloud-based document management companies invest in security to prevent data breaches, keeping your documents much safer than onsite servers at a lower cost.

Access documents remotely

Retrieving documents is fast and easy when they’re digitized and located in the Cloud. Digital files are indexed or categorized using metadata, which makes files instantly retrievable from any location. Similarly, sending digitali documents to external stakeholders, vendors, partners, and customers is simplified and streamlined—transfer technologies are instantaneous and secure.

Enhance compliance

A document management solution takes care of confidentiality and compliance with strict privacy regulations andsecured environments accessed only by authorized users. 2FA, MFA, and biometrics (biology-based logins like fingerprints, retinal scans, and face recognition) keeps sensitive information lock-tight and audit-ready.

Prepare for disasters

In case of a disaster—whether natural or man-made—recovery from a backup is much easier and faster with digital documents than with paper documents. Data backups retrievelost or damaged documents affordably and quickly. Cloud storage protects information from issues like flooding, fire, and onsite theft. 

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Hosted document management solutions


DRS has a hosted, private cloud storage solution for customers looking for a scalable, easy-to-use solution that isn’t a public cloud.

Mercury is our software-driven ECM platform that converges world-class document management with unparalleled compliance, machine learning, and classification software. Not only is Mercury easy to implement, but it works across all storage systems. From S3 buckets to data lakes and cloud servers, Mercury can rally your data into one single classification system for intelligent analysis and speedy retrieval. Mercury analyzes, classifies, migrates, monitors, and reports on data, all from one single pane.


DRS Imaging and DocuWare have been partners for over two decades. Like DRS, DocuWare develops world-class ECM solutions, and they're major players in the mergers market, so they're constantly adding new flavors to their solutions. DRS Docuware solutions are flexible growing from simple secure cloud-based document imaging repositories into advanced enterprise-wide workflows and ECM platform solutions.

Docuware takes a cloud-based approach to document management, integrating cloud storage and office automation to create a digital workplace. It is unique because it has specific use cases for things like

  • Invoice processing
  • Contract proposals
  • Employee management
  • Sales
  • Marketing

Docuware is used by small businesses and large enterprises alike. Business owners use Docuware to securely organize and store documents, automate their digital workflows, and automate tedious tasks.

We employ DocuWare's incredibly powerful auto-indexing solution in our DocuWare package. The machine-learning capabilities of DocuWare automatically capture documents and index documents based on user behavior. In addition, the DRS DocuWare package provides compliance, security, transparency, and native integrations with ERPs and CRM tools.

Get Started

It’s time to take back your time and space by switching to digital. You need a transparent, scalable, and centralized hosted document management solution that can handle structured and unstructured data, breed security, and facilitate collaboration.

With decades of experience, best-in-industry partners, and a variety of business-driven ECM solutions, DRS can help you capture, manage, store, and deliver critical documents across your facility. We provide a wealth of best-in-class solutions that help businesses escape the paper document trap. Our end-to-end, cloud-driven document management system provides rapid document management, a secure, compliant infrastructure, and layers of profit-driving benefits for your facility. Contact us to learn how we can improve your efficiency, productivity, and growth in 2021.