What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation changes how a business operates by using digital technologies to make processes easier and more profitable. Scanning, electronic forms, and digital documents are a cost-effective way to stay competitive in today’s marketplace.

At DRS Imaging, our experts are dedicated to transforming your business into a digital one. Our services will help you to sustain growth, lower costs, and continue to build a competitive edge in the digital age. Contact us today for a free assessment.


Agility, Flexibility, Scalability 

For small or large businesses, digital transformation improves sales, marketing, and customer service so you can: 

  • Connect processes, making operations faster
  • Enhance the customer experience by reaching customers instantly
  • Help managers make smarter decisions with integrated analytics
  • Bring complex products and services to market more efficiently
  • Improve cross-functional processes through artificial intelligence and machine learning

By embracing digital transformation technologies, companies build agility, flexibility, and growth into traditional roles like marketing, manufacturing, and administration services.

Scanning Services For Digital Transformation

Scanning services convert paper documents into electronic form. This ensures that information is stored securely in the cloud. Digital workflows let you

  • Retrieve files quickly and easily
  • Reduce reliance on paper
  • Increase office space by eliminating cabinets and storage
  • Create audit trails and backups
  • Improve security with passwords, encryption, and firewalls
  • Reduce risk

Spending too much time searching through paperwork for customer information means delayed projects and poor response times to customer questions. A simple keyword search can find information quickly and easily in a digital document, thereby meeting project deadlines and satisfying customer demands.

Additionally, scanned documents can be instantly shared with all employees by granting access. No need to search for the right paper file, or capture documents using a photocopier.

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Electronic Forms For Easier Document Management

Electronic forms are an environmentally friendly option compared to paper forms. Electronic forms also create versatility when managing information: 

  • Save money on administration costs like paper, toner, and printer ink
  • Customize marketing material with personalized forms for priority customers
  • Send forms instantly internally to customers
  • Gain instant access to data

Paper forms can get misplaced or damaged, and legibility is at the mercy of penmanship. Electronic forms always capture information clearly in real-time. They can be stored on servers or cloud computing services, and are easily retrieved and shared, across multiple business locations, using any device.

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Document Management Systems (DMS)

Document management captures, stores, secures, and retrieves information, simplifying workflows so businesses operate more efficiently.  A DMS can also

  • Classify and index
  • Edit simultaneously
  • Control access
  • Audit and annotate
  • Integrate with third-party software

Cloud-based document management systems are a central repository for important documents, accessed by apps that seamlessly integrate information flow between platforms while maintaining data integrity and accuracy.

Creating a Digital Culture with DRS Imaging

Business success depends on adapting and improving. DRS Imaging’s digital transformation services streamline your business operations getting you ready for the future.  

DRS Imaging provides a complete line of outsourcing services:

  • Document Scanning
  • Document Imaging
  • Document Management Software
  • ECM Software
  • SaaS Cloud ECM
  • Electronic Forms
  • Data Capture
  • Facilities management
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Microfilm service  

DRS Imaging helps your business create a better user experience through digital transformation. Our experts are ready to provide you with a free assessment. Contact us today.


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