Understanding File-Sharing Versus Document Management

Using file-sharing software is growing increasingly popular as a way for sorting and sharing documents for collaboration within the workplace. File-sharing services such as Dropbox, Google Docs and Box all allow for employees working on projects that are too large for email or documents that need review, revision or collaboration with other employees to share simply and are available for free.

Document management software has a variety of capabilities. As well as maintaining digital storage and filing, it allows for indexing of critical information, providing the ability to search and retrieve documents easily. Additionally, it provides digital workflow that offers another set of advantages.

Consider the Document's Lifecycle

Collaboration is simply the start of a document's lifecycle. When it comes to important, critical company documents, you will need more than a simple online collaboration app. For example, when an employee who created the online document exits the company, they will take the access to the document with them. That could cause major issues in many different areas. Instead of taking that risk, a digital document management systems ensures that that will never happen.

Access To Data History

When utilizing free file-sharing software, many employees will usually have access to the same documents. However, this can cause issues. What if a document is accidentally edited? When you use digital document management, you can access the entire document history, allowing you to see what edits/changes have been made, who made them and when. It also allows you to control who can access the document in the first place, preventing many costly errors.

Automation Increases Value

Relying on manual steps for routine, repetitive tasks wastes hours of time and costs your business money. However, capturing, indexing, and archiving pertinent information securely can be a key to increasing efficiency at your business.

Digital document management via full-service software is tailored to meet your company's individual needs. Ultimately, all things considered, the cost of digital document management is a worthy investment.