The Best Way to Digitally Enable Remote Workers

Support your remote workforce by getting information where it needs to go. DRS digitizes your documents and feeds your company’s data into an Enterprise Content Management system so your remote workers can search, share, and update files in real-time. We implement fast, flexible, innovative scanning solutions seamlessly into your business processes. 

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Your staff is working at home remotely, but they need access to files at the office. How do they retrieve critical information so they can do their jobs? The solution is a Document Management System (DMS). 

Paper documents are scanned and uploaded to the cloud, putting the information your team needs to stay on task at their fingertips. This includes the paper information that is coming into your company via the mailroom. 

Paper has been a stumbling block to productivity for decades. But now, making documents digital is imperative. Since 1964, DRS Imaging Services has exclusively focused on helping companies manage their information to optimize business processes

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How to get a paperless workflow in place right now

Step one: scan your documents

Scan existing paper to digital:

DRS Imaging Services has served the nation with industry-leading document scanning services and document imaging solutions for over 60 years in all major industries including; healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, legal, utilities, banking, telecommunications, retail, media and advertising, pharmaceutical, government (State, Federal, City) and more. 


Scan new incoming paper to digital:

Mail is arriving at the office right now with no one there to process it or deposit your checks. That creates an information bottleneck and a cash flow problem. Both inefficiencies are easily solved with a Digital Mailroom solution and Digital Check service provided by DRS Imaging. We’ve been handling this paper-to-digital switch for half a century.

Simply route your mail to DRS and we’ll convert paper documents and incoming paper check payments to digital as they hit your mailroom floor so your staff can access critical data from anywhere securely. 

Give your remote team access to the information they need to move forward. Transforming your business processes to digital comes with some pretty amazing added bonuses:

  • cost savings from efficiency
  • improved customer satisfaction 
  • boost in employee morale
  • reduced errors.   

Additional benefits include:

  • Disaster Recovery Preparation (fire, flood, or theft)
  • Elimination of lost files and misfiles (average industry rates: 7.5% of all documents lost, 15% misfiled)
  • Compliance support (track and audit access and document retention guidelines)
  • Office space reduction
  • Information security (password protection and audit trails)
  • Process automation and related cost reduction

Step two: manage your new digital workflow with automated Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

You need ECM software to manage your new paperless workflow so remote employees can easily find, open, update in real-time, and share what’s going on in a central hub that drives better business outcomes.

At its heart, ECM is collaboration software. It gives your key knowledge workers access to the information they need the moment they need it.

An ECM system manages information throughout its lifecycle: from creation to updates to long term archival or deletion. It optimizes storage space by putting documents in the cloud, and it reduces administrative work and compliance risk. Ask us about Mercury Enterprise Content Management, the cost-effective way to streamline your operations by replacing manual processes with automation. Track documents and securely manage your enterprise information, regardless of where it resides. 

We’re here to help keep your business running! Switching to a digital strategy, and managing that strategy with a content/document management system helps remote teams working miles apart, all over the state, across the country, or around the world.

NEW GUIDE: How to Plan Your Move to Cloud Office Automation

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