The Future is in the Clouds

The cloud has been popping up more and more frequently in conversations regarding the future of content management. At DRS, we know it's clearly no panacea for every issue that a company could run into. However, it is irrevocably becoming the true victor in preventing workflow and content management issues and headaches. Lately, fewer individuals and companies are claiming its uselessness with some going as far as to say the cloud is the unavoidable future of content management.

According to a recent AIIM survey of 200+ businesses, this is becoming truer than ever.

In a particular portion of the survey, the companies were asked how they envision their near future on terms of content management delivery and deployment. The results were, to put it lightly, staggering. An overwhelming 82% of the companies said they saw themselves moving toward a cloud-based system, with 51% saying they would use an on-site/cloud hybrid and the remaining 31% saying they think it would be cloud-exclusive.

There's an incredible amount of advantages to a cloud-based ECM system. It's a hugely beneficial gift that modern technology offers. Just keep in mind that, just like so many other things in this world, there will always be the snake-oil peddlers. In the same survey, a whopping 40% of the companies said that their current system failed to meet their needs.

Some opt into cheaper (or even free) cloud-based alternatives, sacrificing the security that comes with a proper, careful cloud-based ECM. Why bother risking something so important? Others just didn't take the time to research the accolades and efforts of prospective vendors. It is, of course, important to look into the finer details of prospective vendors because there's just so much to take into consideration. Always think about the quality of interface vs. your potential understanding of it, the reviews of a pleased clientele, the promise of data security, and the overall effort they put into development. Our future is clearly in the clouds; it's just about how we get there.