The Difference Between Document Management & Content Management

Technological evolution has reached the point where machines have the ability to think for us and perform certain tasks. Traditionally, computer programs and software are used for capturing, processing, managing and storing infinite amounts of data and information. These processes are often grouped with document management systems (DMS) and enterprise content management (ECM). Sometimes these terms are used to define the same thing, but they are actually quite different.

Differences in Definition

Content management is a centralized space that stores documents and other information, allowing it to be managed and distributed whenever and wherever needed. 

Document management is a computer system that allows for storing and searching electronic documents, and exists within content management.

Content is All-Encompassing

Content is every single piece of information/data that assists with the daily activities within an organization. It's like a massive library, holding everything from basic client information all the way to AI generated reports.

Unstructured Data vs. Structured Data

Your content is primarily comprised of unstructured data. This includes images, branding, audio, video, email, social media, etc., and all of these things are singularly difficult to access and search without the proper system in place; thus making content management appropriate for storage.

However, structured data is mostly comprised of numbers, dates, letters, and -currency, rendering it easily searchable and better suited to document management.

Access is Important

Unstructured data is quite difficult to access, and even when you've gotten inside the relevant library, it can still be nearly impossible to locate. In order to achieve locating the relevant data you're looking for, you must be sure to use the correct template and DMS.

Utilizing document managers such as iManage allows you to organize, share and store their emails, documents, presentations, etc. and you can quickly gather information from these documents to search or create a new template.