Digitizing School Building Blueprints to Create a Safer School Environment

Digitizing school building blueprints gives law enforcement officers immediate and ready access to updated or latest floor plans via cloud-based software. These digital copies of school building....


Five Ways Cloud-Based Document Systems Make Sense For Your Business

It's Not Necessary to Install or Maintain Software

Utilizing a cloud capture service means that there's no longer a need to commit to purchasing and maintaining hardware and software. Instead, you....


The Higro Group Acquires DRS Imaging Services

DRS Imaging Services, LLC (DRS) was acquired by The HiGro Group in March 2018. With over 20 years of finance and legal experience, the Principles at HiGro are committed to integrating DRS into the....


Automation And The Shared Services Maturity Scale

As businesses form shared services operations and mature, automation technology begins to play a larger role in their success. The benefits of utilizing centralized automated services increase as the....


How To Drive Digital Transformation Within Your Business

Digital transformation is a blanket term that covers technological advancements in everything from shifting competencies and models to organizational activities and processes. However, the....


Intelligent Content Services + Content Services + ECM

Every few years the industry experts develop new terminology that more accurately reflects evolution in technology driven solutions. A year ago today the Gartner Group announced the Death of ECM. The....


What Should You Look for in a Capture Solution?

Information makes the world go round and your business depends on it. Just look around the office; emails, faxes, invoices, social posts, contracts, employee files, etc etc. Control your information....

Why You Need to Optimize and Archive SAP

If you haven't changed or updated the Systems, Applications, and Products (SAP) your company uses to process data in a while, they could be overwhelmed and performing inefficiently.


Transaction Processing meets ECM and Document Imaging

By: Jim Sheridan, EVP DRS


When Hurricanes Meet Paper Records and Microfilm

Having served the information management industry for over 50 years we have seen a lot. We have help organizations prepare for disasters by scanning records and microfilm and we have also helped....