Information Governance Part 1: 10 Steps to Create a Solid IG Strategy

In this two-part series, you'll learn bout how an effective information governance strategy manages data in a holistic and well-defined way. It's an essential part of your organization's data....

How to Keep Enterprise Data Secure in an IoT World

More and more, sensors, computer chips, and communication devices are becoming integrated with physical objects - communicating, transferring and analyzing information and big data at lightning....

Why Your Business Needs to Go Paperless

Why You Should Rethink Your Information Governance Program

Top Four Trends for Information and Digital Data Management in 2017

With 2016 quickly coming to a close, DRS Imaging is taking a look at the biggest trends that will impact how we look at data management in 2017. Because many businesses took action to add digital....

Ten Key Steps to Electronic Data Management Success

Electronic records and information management are primary responsibilities in any company. And transitioning from paper to digital records is one of the more challenging projects an organization....

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USE CASE SPOTLIGHT: Marketing & Media Departments

The Situation

The Marketing Department at a multinational bank was struggling with the management of its graphics archive and additional offline data storage systems (which housed over 2,000....

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Information Governance: Why it's a priority, not an option

Information Governance: Why it's a priority, not an option

Published by CapGeminiBy Sukant Pandey


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Information Without Governance is Like A Kid With Free Reign to the Cookie Jar

Everyone wants information, but no one wants records.  The problem with records is that they are inactive, locked in a cabinet and no longer serve a business purpose.  Information is active and....