HR onboarding with digital eforms

Digitize HR Onboarding in Healthcare: Save Time, Money, and Headaches

Compared to consumer-facing industries, healthcare has been slow to adopt digital transformation. The unique mix of regulatory oversight, stakeholder preferences, patient needs, and privacy concerns....

office automation

Breaking Down the Barriers to Office Automation

Office automation is a powerful technology that many businesses still find hard to digest. While the pure money-saving opportunities of hyper-intelligent automation solutions are well documented,....

Mortgage Automation Software

How Mortgage Automation Software Drives Compliance & Customer Service

In order to accelerate mortgage loan processes, improve customer service, and optimize internal procedures, more and more banks are implementing IT solutions that allow for improvement or full....


Robotic Process Automation and How it Can Fail Us

There seems to be an ongoing debate the past few years on whether or not Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is truly a useful tool for large scale use in businesses. One could argue that the undeniable....


How Can AP Automation Maximize the Value of Your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

ERP applications are the center of financial operations, yet most aren't optimized due to the accounts payable (AP) processes the flow into them being manual and paper-based. This causes....


Best Practices for Invoice Processing

Universally, companies are seeking ways they can increase efficiency within their administrative functions while reducing costs. Automating invoice processing is a great step towards saving....


How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Work Lives

Artificial intelligence (AI) can change lives for the better; especially in the workplace. While there are some inherent risks, automation increases productivity in a cost-effective, efficient way.


Automation Through Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable automation is completely attainable, no matter how daunting a task it may seem. Recent research shows that over 50% of users say that manually processing invoices takes at least 3....

Why You Want to Measure ROI When Investing in HR Records Management

We're not going to lie, it's difficult to measure ROI in regards to human resource records management. 

Blockchain is Coming to Data Management

If you haven't noticed, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Ethereum have infiltrated the tech and investment industries. But the new technology has already started to infiltrate other sectors, adding....