Power Up Document Capture with High-speed Scanning Services

Document scanning is an essential function in all modern enterprises. As companies move toward digital operations, having all business information in digital formats becomes indispensable.

It's not as easy as it sounds! Organizations can control information that originates within their company—but they do not always control third-party information such as invoices from vendors, supplier documents or contracts initiated by other partners.

As a result, not all the information that enters an organization will be in digital format. Organizations must put in processes to scan all incoming paper documents in near-real-time to maintain paperless operations and have all information in an electronic document management system.

And in large enterprises, what this needs is not your run-of-the-mill desktop scanner—but a professional scanning service provider who uses production-grade, high-speed scanning equipment. 

Volume batch scanning or production-grade scanning could be a day-to-day routine activity—for example, scanning the daily incoming paper mail to PDF. Or it could be a one-time large project, for example, converting all paper archives to PDF/A at one go.

Service bureaus, digital mailrooms and BPO service providers use state-of-the-art, heavy-duty document scanner solutions for high-volume scanning.

No compromise in speed vs accuracy of document capture 

Are you constantly struggling to maintain the accuracy of document capture? If you are compromising accuracy for speed, it is an indication that your document capture methods are outdated!

With a constant inflow of documents, rising costs of labor and high threat levels to data security, you need a high-speed, secure scanning service.

Older scanners required cumbersome pre-scanning processes and manual sorting of documents that drained human resources and slowed downstream processes. Scanning at higher volumes resulted in higher error rates.

However, high-speed scanning equipment has evolved, and organizations need not choose between the speed and accuracy of document capture.

Newer breeds of intelligent high-speed scanners now are designed for heavy use, scanning up to 150,000 documents a day while maintaining high image quality and minimizing errors!

Benefits of high-speed scanning

A well designed, automated high-speed scanning system benefits the organization in many ways:

  • Reduced scanning costs: Intelligent high-speed scanners drastically cut down document prep times, thereby saving manual labour costs. Automated pre-scan sorting and post-scan processing, such as controlled output paper tracking, means less manual sorting and a reduced risk of errors or omissions.
  • High reliability: With high volume scanning, you can't afford frequent or long downtimes on the production floor. Precision engineering in high-speed scanners ensures high reliability, allowing a constant and uninterrupted flow of data to downstream applications and processes to keep operations running efficiently.
  • High-quality data capture: Advanced pre-and post-scan options in advanced high-speed scanners intelligently extract information about each document. They also feature post-scan image enhancement features, monitoring multi-feeds, and allowing users to accept, ignore or rescan images. 
  • Lowered error rates: Errors and exceptions drain resources—both in terms of time and cost. Automated high-speed scanning involves minimal manual intervention. Batch scanning tools eliminate time-consuming pre-scanning and post-scanning manual tasks and effectively digitize large volumes of files at high speeds, with reliable information capture.
  • Enhanced data security: Intelligent high-speed scanners come with advanced software and user access controls.

DRS: Delivering advanced high-speed scanning services

DRS is proud to offer best-in-class technology for production scanning to optimize paper-driven workflows. 

Accelerate processes, speed up workflows, reduce maintenance and labor costs with our range of high-speed scanners,

Kodak Alaris Scanners

Kodak Alaris delivers accurate and high-quality information capture combined with intelligent software and document management features.

  • Highly efficient user interface
  • Automated indexing capabilities
  • Image QC and enhancement
  • Microsoft SharePoint with advanced integration and workflow
  • Remotely manage your hardware and batches through a centralized intuitive dashboard
  • Image management software that allows an administrator to monitor, track, and manage a distributed environment.

Kodak Alaris software allows you to reduce costs, create workflow efficiencies, beat budgets, and optimize resources.

Canon Scanners

Canon document scanners are highly rated in the industry for their advanced features, value, and durability. The Canon range includes:

  • High-speed production document scanners handle daily volumes of up to 70,000 documents per day at a speed of up to 150 ppm.
  • Networked document scanners for efficient document distribution; circulate business information across a network for improved collaboration and productivity.
  • Check scanners that convert paper cheques into electronic images, helping to decentralize payment processing from the first point of presentment to settlement.

Microfilm & Microfiche Archival Scanner

The ScanPro 3000 provides state-of-the-art, archival quality scanning for microfilms, microfiches and aperture cards. 

ScanPro 3000 revolutionized the micrographics industry with its 26-megapixel camera providing ultra-high-resolution scanned images of microfilms.

The DRS difference

At DRS, our teams have expertise and experience with scanners that work across distributed network configurations. DRS offers services to ensure business continuity at all levels within the organization—at the departmental, organizational or institutional level. 

Our scanner maintenance service helps organizations in a big way.

We offer leading enterprise scanner service and support with a full range of options, including depot service contracts and rapid on-site response.

We also sell and service every other major scanner in the industry, including Fujitsu, Epson, Panini, Zeutschel, Panasonic and more. 

Have a question about high-speed production scanning services or support? Contact us today—our experts are here to help.