Onsite Scanning: Document Digitization Experts & Technology at your Doorstep

Scan papers. Convert physical documents into digital formats. The best hardware for your scanning needs. All right within your office premises.

What more do you need to go paperless!

Scanning documents is the first step towards making your business operations paperless. Digitizing documents and saving them in a single central database makes it easier to share business information, and employees get easy access to documents from anywhere, at any time. It enhances coordination, collaboration and productivity. Scanning documents saves the costs of physical storage space required for filing and enhances information safety and security. Scheduled backups of scanned documents ensure up-to-date copies are available and speed up data recovery in case of unforeseen events. 

Ready for paperless business operations?

It is always advisable to partner with a specialized document scanning company with well-defined, systematic, and proven experience in successfully executing large and complex document scanning projects.

The document scanning process typically involves the following stages:

  • A project manager discusses scanning requirements with you and creates a project plan with timelines and resources.
  • Skilled technicians assess the condition of the documents and prepare them for scanning.
  • The documents are scanned using state-of-the-art scanners, usually high-speed, production-grade equipment.
  • Index documents to enable easy search and quick retrieval 
  • Experts review and fix the quality of scanned documents to ensure that all documents are scanned and that output images are legible and properly indexed. 
  • Deploy a document management system to store and control access to scanned documents.
  • Return original physical documents to storage for archival or send them for shredding, based on the retention policies.

One important decision you need to take at the planning and assessment stage is whether to send the documents to the scanning company's facility—that is, offsite scanning. Or get the scanning team to come to your premises—that is, onsite scanning. How do you decide?

The difference between offsite and onsite scanning services

Some strategic benefits of onsite scanning are that the paper documents are always on your premises and within your control. One or more of your employees can play an active role in the project as coordinators or a consultative role in resolving queries and guiding the onsite scanning team. Onsite scanning also eliminates the hassle of segregating, sorting and packing papers, coordinating with the logistics team for picking up and delivering documents, and the costs involved in the transportation of records back and forth. 

Usually, document scanning companies carry out the actual scanning and conversion activities at their own facility. For offsite scanning, you need to ensure that paper documents are correctly sorted, packed, and shipped to the agreed location for scanning.

Although offsite scanning is also a highly secure process, some organizations may prefer to use onsite scanning services, especially when they have one or more of the following concerns:

Scanning highly confidential and sensitive information 

Does your scanning project involve highly confidential and sensitive information? Is it mission-critical to have complete control of your records at all times? Maybe your company is bound by stringent compliances and regulations that prevent you from transporting the documents outside your premises. It is best to opt for onsite scanning services in such cases so the records do not leave your premises. You will have complete control over the documents, and your staff can monitor the scanning process.

Scanning large volumes of legacy paper records 

Does your organization have to adhere to industry regulations and compliances to store documents for a specified period? Do you have large volumes of such historical records to be scanned? If so, onsite scanning is the right fit for you. Old paper documents may have undergone physical deterioration and are fragile, so it may be best to avoid excessive handling and transportation. And transporting large volumes to another facility outside your premises is both costly and time-consuming.

DRS Onsite Scanning Services: Document scanning, imaging, and conversion at your doorstep

DRS Imaging is an experienced scanning services provider. We have completed over 10,000 onsite scanning assignments. We also provide onsite scanning services in which we set up an integrated team at your premises, including state-of-the-art scanning equipment, technologists, and a project manager to digitize your records. 

Your staff stays in close touch with our onsite scanning team to access any documents you may need urgently, coordinate with them on timelines, prioritize, and minimize handling of delicate documents. With onsite scanning, it is easier and faster to return the originals to their designated storage area or prepare expired documents for shredding, depending on their retention schedules. The scanned images are appropriately routed into a document management system and integrated with any existing backend IT systems you may have, such as an ERP or financial management system.

Onsite backfile scanning services

DRS teams can handle and digitize large volumes of legacy records as a one-time project. Our digitization experts maintain the highest levels of security and ensure that digitized data is stored and managed in a compliance-ready form.

Day-forward scanning services

Once all your legacy documents are scanned and converted, you can also opt for our Day-forward service. We manage a daily scanning load to support new paper documents that enter your organization daily. DRS also offers a digital mailroom service that automates digitization and distribution of all incoming paper documents and facilitates paperless operations.

Why choose DRS Imaging for your onsite document scanning project?

Founded in 1964, DRS Imaging is one of the oldest and largest privately owned document scanning service bureaus in the United States. 

Our onsite document scanning services cover everything from document preparation to scanning, indexing, and conversion at your facility. DRS 

can carry out high-volume conversion documents, microfiche, aperture cards, and microfilm as per your needs. In addition, DRS ensures secure document archiving, complying with your specified policies around physical storage of originals or secure destruction of expired documents.

DRS has delivered onsite scanning services for clients across various industries such as legal, healthcare, education, construction & engineering, insurance, government, energy, transportation, finance, mortgage & title, manufacturing.

Contact us for a quote for onsite document scanning and embark on your digital transformations journey today!