What Should You Look for in a Capture Solution?

Information makes the world go round and your business depends on it. Just look around the office; emails, faxes, invoices, social posts, contracts, employee files, etc etc. Control your information and manage it efficiently and your business will productively and almost effortlessly roll forward. If you don't have your information under control it will be like you are always going up-hill.

The solution? Automate information management every chance you get. Once a process is automated it typically will last about 2 years before needed to be modified.

Start with document capture software! Form a digital mailroom where every inbound and outbound piece of content will flow. Capture software will automate the capture of data from the documents and also validate its accuracy. Emails can flow through capture software and make it into the client file. Something that probably rarely happens without and automated process and a digital mailroom mindset!

What should you look for in a capture solution?

Capture software has been around for a while. But there are certain companies that are breaking free of the same old same old. Make sure your solution provider not only has the innovation but also provides training and assistance after you plunk down your money. As you hire new employees you will want them trained on the lastest best practices. Also make sure the what you purchase today can also scale to support your growth well into the future.


Don't forget about automation and integration of:

Email generated Documents

Social Posts

File Shares

Multifunction Printers


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