Intelligent Content Services + Content Services + ECM

Every few years the industry experts develop new terminology that more accurately reflects evolution in technology driven solutions. A year ago today the Gartner Group announced the Death of ECM. The terminology was replaced with Content Services.

This made a lot of sense as for years Software Companies were holding out to be the Enterprise wide one size fits all solution to everyone information management, information processing and information governance needs. At best, the ECM software solution vendors were deployed in supportive areas while other areas held out resisting conformity and using the application software (HR, Payroll, AP, EHR, etc) as the justification to buy off the list of enterprise wide, approved, solutions.

Enter stage left, Intelligent Content Services!

Intelligent is an interesting term that will be widely interpreted. We don't think that anyone ever really wanted to build unintelligent solutions to support information governance and workflow. What the word intelligent means to us in intelligence in the software that can make decisions on what content matches a search or were a document should be routed based on the content, rules, and training.

So now, we believe that the word intelligent should be replaced with Artificial Intelligence or AI for short. You might think this is happening to fast, however Moore's law clearly identifies the accelerating nature of innovation. So ready or not here comes AI and Machine learning. It won't take years for adoption or speculation, it is being deployed already at a dizzying rate.

Essentially, AI has the capability of learning from Humans. When software can learn from humans it can also begin making decisions and mirroring the decision making processes it has learned. AI can do this much faster, at lower costs, and much more reliably that humans. When AI software is used in Content Services, the software can begin making its own decisions.

Take invoice or healthcare claims auditing. In the past the ECM providers would scan, index, extract data, and route the document through an approval or adjudication process. Now with AI the data can be examined for things that might indicate fraudulent or abusive activity. Sex, frequency, dosage, procedure code, progress notes, location all can be brought to the table with AI and Intelligent Claims Content Services. The impact on a business can be significant!

DRS is at the forefront of many innovations in Intelligent Content Services, ECM, and document imaging. Contact us for how these innovations can make a meaningful impact on how your business operates.