Improve The Management & Access Of Government Building Permit Records

Today's citizens have rising expectations from their governments. Private companies cater to every need of their customers and provide them with the ease of online services, 24x7 support, and communication via digital channels. Citizens now expect the same level of convenience and service accessibility from government bodies.

Government officials face a growing challenge of meeting the rising demands of citizens for speedy processing of permits, licenses and other documentation required for business operations and public services. In addition, they struggle with staff shortages, tight budgets and time pressures. 

Digital transformation in government agencies is becoming critical in providing convenience and timely services. This is especially important in municipal, county, and state government bodies that regulate the construction and renovation of residential, commercial and institutional buildings.

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Digitizing build permit records: A crying need in a digital economy

The construction industry is a crucial part of a country's economy and is also essential for citizens' convenience and wellbeing. Buildings comprise over 60% of our wealth, are the site of 90% of our economic activity, and consume 40% of our energy. Moreover, regulations governing the design and construction of buildings contribute up to 20% of the cost of construction. 

The construction industry is highly regulated and document-intensive. In every phase, constructing or renovating a building involves building plans, engineering drawings, and construction schedules which need approvals. In addition, building permits generate volumes of related documentation, ranging from permit applications, vendor contracts and agreements, and legal and financial records. 

Complex processes across regulatory bodies, architects, engineers and business stakeholders are involved. They all need to share project-related information and documentation in real-time or near-real-time. 

The pandemic forced many reluctant government bodies to adopt technology and transform their paper-based processes into digital workflows. Digitization of building permit records is an area that regulatory bodies and construction firms cannot afford to neglect.

Benefits of digital building permit records 

Vital building records can be stored and maintained safely throughout the project (and for long-term retention) by scanning and digital conversion.

  • What's the #1 benefit of digitization of building permit records? Easily share and distribute copies of plans, agreements, schedules and permits to teams of architects, engineers, onsite teams, regulators, financial institutions and business stakeholders.
    DRS specializes in the secure scanning of all documents related to construction and government building permits, from layouts, specifications, and CAD drawings, to material purchases and procurement.
    Once digitized, the files are routed to a centralized document repository to make the storage and sharing of documents easy and quick. Mercury, our enterprise content management system, allows users to collaborate, share, report, and leverage real-time digital business content from any device, anywhere.
  • In the construction business, time is money! Paper processes are slow and easily result in administrative bottlenecks. Digitized files smoothen out workflows, streamline operations and speed up the processing of government permits and approvals.
    Shift to Mercury and save time and costs by eliminating paper and reducing printing and courier costs. Communicate faster and better by sending digital files via email or cloud-sharing platforms. Give faster approvals and process permits quickly. 
  • Federal agencies, state organizations or local government bodies that roll out building permits want to ensure that digital documents and document management systems are safe. With the rising threats of cyber crimes, safeguarding data and adhering to information governance best practices is crucial.
    When you partner with a professional digitization partner like DRS Imaging, we ensure the security of your confidential and sensitive documents. Mercury, our ECM, features robust access controls so you can trace who accessed or modified any file stored in it. You get detailed audit trails so your organization can adhere to information governance best practices and regulatory compliances around data security.
  • Government employees typically spend too much time on repetitive tasks that add little value and which could easily be performed with software. DRS offers government agencies automated business solutions to streamline operational processes and replace manual tasks with automated workflows, allowing government employees to focus on the work that really matters. Our business process optimization experts improve operational efficiency and combat staff shortages by using process automation.
  • Applying for government permits for construction involves filling out forms and submitting supporting documents. Hand-filled forms are time-consuming to process. In a digital world, unstructured data from hand-filled forms, emails, and scanned documents must be automatically extracted using advanced data capture technology. DRS uses advanced technologies such as Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) to extract electronic information from paper documents, microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards for proper document management and storage.
    Our data capture solutions eliminate manual data entry, reducing human errors and increasing accuracy. 

DRS: Your partner in digitizing building permit records

Would it help your teams to have building permit records easily discoverable via an electronic content management system

Do building plans and permit applications proceed efficiently through your regulatory processes and approval systems? 

Are high-quality plans being rejected or delayed frequently? 

DRS offers end-to-end data management solutions and takes care of secure and affordable storage of large volumes of data on public or private cloud solutions. We take your paper files or microfilm records and scan them into a digital format. We then help you manage your data, streamline your operational processes and ensure secure data storage and archival of vital documents. 

Contact us today to learn how DRS can help manage valuable building permit records and help you serve citizens' needs better.