HR Process Automation to Facilitate Employee Onboarding & Offboarding

Are your HR processes efficient and speedy? Or is your HR team burdened with administrative tasks that are prone to bottlenecks and manual processes that are slow and error-prone?

While the HR department governs company-wide policies and 360-degree employee appraisals, they don't always operate optimally as a department! 

HR process automation involves leveraging technology to automate repetitive, manual HR processes. By freeing up the time they previously spent on mundane tasks, you can encourage your HR teams to work on more complex and value-added tasks that involve strategizing and decision-making and engage in work that helps the company grow and evolve.

The impact of digitally transforming HR is substantial and measurable. 

DRS Imaging offers HR process automation solutions to help you eliminate paper-based processes, improve efficiency, increase HR department morale, create a digital culture, and support compliance.

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The benefits of HR process automation

  • Reduce the burden of paperwork

Paper slows down processes. And automation cuts out the paper—no more printing, copying or couriering sheets of paper to candidates, staff, partners or vendors. Digital files are easier to review, edit, and share. DRS is one of the oldest and largest document scanning bureaus in the US, helping companies achieve paperless operations.

  • Encourage transparency at work

Automation creates transparency and eliminates subjectivity or inconsistency in processes. The same rules are applied each time, streamlining workflows and bringing in standardization. Take a look here at our workflow automation solution.

  • Allocate resources more efficiently

When repetitive tasks are performed by software, you can allocate human resources more judiciously for jobs that require decision-making or strategic thinking. At the same time, software completes high-volume, repetitive tasks faster and with less margin for error.

  • Better data security

HR teams handle confidential personal data of company employees, stakeholders, and job applicants. Automation brings in layers of security and controls on access to sensitive information. Our ECM solution features stringent access controls and robust security layers.

  • Take decisions based on data

When you automate processes, every workflow generates data, which, when analyzed, can reveal patterns, highlight inefficiencies and help managers and stakeholders streamline HR processes further based on what the data indicates.

Automating HR processes through the employee lifecycle

Documents are essential at every stage of the employee life cycle, so document digitization becomes a key factor in making process improvements. HR process automation drives improvements at every stage to help you attract and retain top talent.

Automation brings many benefits to the table across the lifecycle of an employee, from recruitment and onboarding to performance management and offboarding.

Employee Onboarding

Onboarding employees entails tons of paperwork—from signing employment contracts, calculating and communicating employee benefits, and introducing new hires to their duties and the company's processes. 

Organizations face many challenges when onboarding processes are manual or paper-driven:

  • During onboarding, HR staff must collect and record personal, professional and financial information from new hires. Paper forms are prone to errors. Any mistake in critical details can mean tiresome corrections and revisions and lead to a slowing down of other processes.
  • Many departments participate in onboarding new employees. Manual processes can cause delays in inter-departmental communication and leave new employees confused or stranded without a smooth initiation. A bad employee experience in the first few days of joining can lead to a high attrition rate among new employees.
  • Top talent is not easy to retain. Organizations must provide a positive onboarding experience to meet new employees' expectations. Streamlined HR processes, fast document processing and self-help online access to documents—all create a positive experience.
  • Managers and stakeholders cannot monitor onboarding processes closely if they are manual and not software-driven, making it challenging to improve efficiencies. Manual onboarding processes lack visibility and don't give managers an end-to-end view of the entire process.

DRS offers automated solutions that enable paperless onboarding, saving time for the HR team and creating a positive experience for newly hired employees.

Employee offboarding or separation

When an employee leaves the organization, the paperwork involved is, in fact, more critical than while onboarding new employees. For example, HR staff must obtain and process termination documents, monitor the return of company equipment in the employee's possession, and immediately stop salary and benefits payments. 

Manual processes can create situations of concern in offboarding employees:

  • Managing legalities or compliances related to an employee's departure can be complex. Paper trails are not always complete or easily accessible. If the separation involves any disputes between the organization and the separated employee, then without paper trails, the company may not be able to defend its position.
  • Having clear records of company assets in the employee's possession is critical. If these records are not well-maintained or are "lost" over time, HR will find it difficult to recover the assets during separation.
  • Employees have access to several vital systems in the organization. Revoking access is one of the most important parts of the offboarding process. Issues such as continued access by past employees can create havoc if HR processes are not systematically monitored and well-aligned with other departments. 

HR automation systems can bring a standardized and streamlined workflow to the employee offboarding process. DRS offers digitization and automation services that make completing offboarding procedures much more manageable and help avoid disputes that could cause legal problems.

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DRS mitigates risks in the employee lifecycle with HR process automation

DRS's enterprise solutions will digitally transform your HR department. We help you eliminate slow paper-driven processes and use automation to improve efficiencies and bring end-to-end visibility into HR processes.

  • We help HR digitize all physical documentation: application forms, resignation letters, performance management documentation, new employee information, and more. DRS provides your HR team with easy tools to capture data electronically via e-forms (for example, online job application forms). Our automated data capture technology extracts key information from unstructured sources such as emails, scanned contracts or identification documents and performance review reports.
  • Mercury, our content management system, can efficiently store and retrieve digitized employee records. It automatically enforces document retention schedules and ensures audit readiness and compliance with PII, GDPR, EEOC, and other regulatory requirements.
  • Our outsourced digital mailroom service handles incoming paper documents and snail mail centrally, digitizing them at the source and automatically routing them to the right personnel for immediate processing.
  • Our data management solutions can be deployed on the cloud or on-premises, ensuring all confidential employee records are stored, archived and backed up securely and safely.
  • Leverage our workflow automation solution to streamline HR processes and support effective decision-making. 

Our digital transformation solutions help HR teams to eliminate time wasted searching for and managing employee records. Put an end to "lost documents," Free up time spent on repetitive and administrative tasks. Make HR processes automated, streamlined and efficient.

Talk to DRS to support your digital readiness for HR process automation. Speak with our digital transformation consultants today!