How to Make Planning an Office Move More Efficient

Making your office move less hectic takes more than being prepared and organized. Creating a viable plan, transferring files to digital management systems, and tracking inventory are a few ways to streamline your relocation processes, ensure everything is accounted for, and keep your costs down. 

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Create a Project Plan for your Office Move

Identify a project leader to plan your office move. This will coordinate efforts and streamline the decision-making process. Your project leader can build a team or delegate tasks:

  • Create a realistic budget for labor, logistics, and insurance costs
  • Research and hire professional moving companies
  • Establish deadlines, move dates, lease termination, and new lease signing
  • Conform to new and old building rules
  • Work with IT to set up infrastructure in the new office
  • Update all marketing information with new addresses, phone numbers, and pertinent information
  • Communicate with customers before, during, and after the move

There may be details of your office move that only apply to your company, but a clear strategy creates efficiency. If there is poor communication, insufficient information, or items the project leader didn’t account for, you may find yourself scrambling at the last minute instead of celebrating your new office space.

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Keep Employees Connected

Once a plan is in place, communicate with all employees to drastically reduce the inefficiencies of typical office moves. Provide information about

  • Team leader contact
  • Timeline
  • New office location address and directions
  • New floor plans
  • Parking and transit  

It’s helpful to let employees know their role during the move. For example, will they be responsible for moving the contents of their desk, or do they need to include any files in storage, office furniture, or supplies? Give each employee a set of tasks, or inform them if they don’t have to do anything, to help them feel more comfortable with the move.

Declutter Your Business During a Move

Moving is a prime time to audit your existing information, equipment, and inventory when you prepare it for transport. An official audit accounts for intellectual property, mitigates the risk of loss and theft, and facilitates the removal of things you no longer need.

Outsource document management services to a professional company that scans documents, digitizes paper records, and creates a document management system to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Documents backed up offsite
  • Improved data security with encryptions, firewalls, and password protection
  • Retrieval of digital copies at any time, from anywhere through cloud services
  • Organized, indexed files that meet legal and regulatory obligations
  • More office real estate due to fewer file cabinets needed for physical storage
  • Improve the environmental impact of your business

A document management system gives employees quick access to information, especially when your entire company is changing locations. While some of your operations take longer to move than others, streamlining your information services can help managers of critical operations stay organized, access information, and keep your business moving forward.

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DRS Imaging Improves Your Brand New Office

DRS Imaging provides a complete line of outsourcing services, such as Document Scanning, Document Imaging, and Document Management Software. DRS Imaging also securely manages your operations:

  • Store financial documents in compliant, audit-proof archives
  • Protect data behind appropriate firewalls
  • Integrate with Line of Business systems
  • Long-term backup storage
  • Dramatic reduction in associated labor costs
  • Improved back-office processes with workflow automation

We provide ECM, digital transformation, and other services on or off-site that augment existing staff and capture transaction and customer information. We interface with and support all major Customer Information Systems, Mortgage Origination Platforms, ERP, and Accounting systems.

At DRS Imaging, all solutions deployed by our team of experts have impressive returns on investment. Let us help you save time, streamline your processes, and lower your expenses so you can focus on enjoying your new office. Contact us today for a free document scanning quote.


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