How Land Records Digitization Benefits Citizens & Government Offices

Land records are public documents that must be made available to citizens who want to purchase land, property rights assessors, and real estate developers who want to launch projects. 

Land records are held in thousands of county and municipal agencies in the US. 

They include documents such as land deeds, property titles, ownership agreements, property valuation details, real estate agency property listings, and legal files and judgements pertaining to land ownership. 

Some of these records are available online in searchable databases. However, county and municipal bodies in the US still have many documents in physical formats such as paper or microfilm.

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Land records: Essential documents that can be hard to find!

A potential buyer or lessor will need land records, such as a copy of the title deed, existing mortgage documents (if any), and other documents to complete a property purchase transaction. 

Title assessors and other real estate development officials typically validate who owns the rights to a piece of property before a land transaction is completed. They have to search through land deeds and other documents to validate ownership. In these situations, doing a quick title search to search out and verify the rightful owner of the property is crucial. But manually searching through legacy property deeds and contracts is time-consuming. 

However, if these documents are readily available in digital format, the title search process can be swift and effortless.

Besides, physical records require extensive administrative workers to maintain the files and search and retrieve documents as and when they need them.

Bringing more and more of these land records into the digital realm is essential as speed and ease of access are critical. Digitization improves transparency in the land record maintenance system, makes vital documents such as maps and surveys easily accessible from anywhere, enables quicker and easier updates to records, and helps minimize land disputes.

That's why scanning physical land records and indexing them into a centralized, searchable document repository is essential.

How DRS supports land records digitization

DRS provides scanning services and data capture capabilities to enable property title searches and validate land records.

No matter how old or fragile your legacy records are, we have the expertise to recondition and process physical documents, scan and index them, and apply document preservation techniques to extend the life of the originals.

DRS offers powerful tools and solutions for county and municipal offices to help manage high-volume land records digitization projects.

We convert paper to digital formats, streamline management of digitized records, minimize data storage costs, save on paper costs, and free up human resources from tedious paper-based tasks.

  • Our high-speed scanning services digitize large volumes of legacy or archived records and make them easily accessible. We use production-grade scanning equipment for high-speed batch processing of paper documents. We also have specialized microfilm scanning equipment. For government offices with a high volume of daily incoming paper documents, we offer a day-to-day (digital mailroom) scanning service to scan all incoming paper documents in near-real-time and maintain paperless operations.
  • Our redaction services help protect PII (Personally Identifiable Information) from publicly accessed land records from being visible to the public even if the document is publicly accessible. We redact sensitive information from the digitized versions so that the public documents are compliant with data privacy regulations and information governance policies.
  • Once digitized, the records are stored in an electronic document management system. We can integrate our scanned files into any existing system you may have. We also offer Mercury, our content management system, with advanced indexing capabilities to ensure that millions of documents are in a central repository and available to citizens as part of a searchable database.
  • Our data capture solution makes it possible to automatically capture key data fields from high volumes of records, eliminate manual data entry, minimize the risk of human errors and save time. We can extract electronic information from paper documents, microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards for proper document management and storage.

How citizens and government agencies benefit from our land records digitization services

  • Digitization of land records allows government officials to monitor and validate land ownership titles easily, thus facilitating quicker transactions.
  • It brings transparency to the land record maintenance system. It ensures that the information can be accessed remotely by officials in different departments for verification or made searchable for the general public using a document management system.
  • Searchable land ownership titles make property transactions easier to close, which benefits citizens during land purchases.
  • Digital records stored on the cloud help government offices free up expensive physical storage areas and save on storage costs. They can put these to better use for their employees and customers. 
  • Citizens can search public databases to find out whether the land they wish to buy is involved in any litigation and know the correct market price of the land, so real estate agents or developers do not fool them with inflated pricing.
  • Digital records make it easier to identify property frauds and help property buyers to validate property ownership rights.
  • It makes land acquisition easier for development projects and minimizes the chances of losing crucial documents and delays in projects due to insufficient documentation.

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DRS: Your preferred partner for land records digitization

Our scanning and document management teams have extensive experience working with county and municipal bodies across the US. 

Our land records digitization services enable easy and instant access to land records. In addition, our data storage and archival services make storage and backups of critical documents convenient and affordable and help preserve the original physical records.

Reach out to DRS for digital transformation solutions and convert critical land records to digital formats.