Harnessing the Power of The Cloud

There's a misconception that everything is moving to the cloud immediately. However, that's not quite right. There is no single cloud storing data; it's more like hundreds or thousands. Additionally, not everything is cloud friendly. Some information needs to be stored separately or more securely. Information Management has also been quite slow to adapt and move to the cloud.

Why The Cloud Has a Bad Rap

Despite the fact that it's rapidly growing, the cloud has gained an irrational reputation of potentially being insecure, untrustworthy and unreliable. This stems from public security breaches and data loss in major companies like Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo and Microsoft over the past few years. Some cloud vendors have done very little to squelch these concerns due to an inability to completely grasp the needs of a large business or enterprise. However, while some of these concerns are valid, others are overblown and unreasonable. Many clouds are enterprise-ready and a vast improvement to on-site computing and storage.

How Widely Used Is The Cloud?

Pretty much every organization, regardless of size, has already begun implementing the use of multiple cloud systems, whether that's cloud-based email, file storage, or business applications like Slack, Salesforce, and Workday. The benefits are endless, and can be credited with removing the need for physical storage systems within the workplace while also increasing access throughout the business.