Focus on Patient Outcomes with a Medical Record Scanning Service

Patient-driven care with demonstrable healthcare outcomes is the dominant business standard in hospitals across the country. In order to stay up to date with the changing care environment, providers and facilities are embracing digital transformation. DRS Imaging's medical records scanning service takes the burden of time consuming tasks from your staff, helping to refocus your organization or practice back onto patient care—where it belongs. 

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What are BPO services?

Storing patient records and health information in hardcopy format takes a huge amount of space, especially in a facility with high patient volume. Time lost working with paper files creates expense. That's why the healthcare field began a large-scale exodus from paper charting to electronic records a little over a decade ago. Switching from a paper workflow to a digital workflow is the first step to eliminate bottlenecks and inefficiencies related to medical records, appointments, admissions and discharge, insurance claims, and the billing cycle. Treatment, the heart of your business, revolves around having accurate patient information. That only happens if your organization's workflow and operational infrastructure is streamlined. The best way to streamline processes is through healthcare BPO

BPO stands for "Business processes outsourcing." BPO services take costly, time-heavy tasks off-site to be processed by an outside company. In many cases, outsourcing services allow your practice to eliminate some administrative positions altogether. This reduces overhead and frees up your medical staff to focus attention where it needs to be, on the patient. When records are scanned and a digital workflow is installed, errors decrease, automation increases speed and productivity, and costs go down. Doctors can focus on medical advancements like AI, robotics, and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and support staff can focus on patient care. 

DRS Imaging specializes in medical records scanning services. Our full suite of features include:

  • Imaging and scanning
  • Information classification
  • Workflow automation
  • Billing and coding
  • Document storage

Digital transformation from paper charting to electronic medical records can be a daunting task, but the transition saves you time, money, and manpower. This allows you to shift your focus back onto patient outcomes.   


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How BPO scanning integrates into your existing operations

DRS Imaging makes digital transformation simple for your organization. Our medical records scanning service takes your notations, forms, patient consents, and chart documentation and stores them in a secure, digital format. You no longer have to file and organize hardcopy data into charts and files. Our platform's AI will categorize, sort, and tag data as it's scanned. Our advanced technology partitions information into a meaningful, easy-to-browse structure so documents can be retrieved in seconds—and are never lost. 

Our medical records scanning service is designed to work with your facility's existing electronic medical records software. That means that patient information is categorized with lighting speed and then integrated into your charting software. We put information into the hands of the medical professionals that need it the most. This level of interoperability makes medical records scanning a valuable win for your practice. 

How BPO drives better patient outcomes

Nothing matters more to the longevity of your practice, your reputation, and your bottom line than high-quality patient outcomes. Providing a superior level of care for your patients drives reimbursement and is at the core of your medical practice. But most hospitals and private practices are bogged down by administrative tasks. These tasks range from chart input, to document filing, to ensuring that every department satisfies compliance standards like HIPAA and SOC-2. Under administrative burden, patient outcomes get lost in the shuffle. 

BPO and digital transformation helps you run your clinic or hospital more efficiently. Use our powerful tools to drive positive patient outcomes with a cascading effect on the overall equity of your organization. 

Our digital transformation services drive key metrics such as treatment compliance, allergy identification, and medication interactions. By allowing our AI to scan and categorize your documents, successfully integrating them into patient charts, you put essential information directly into physicians' hands. AI performs at a higher level of accuracy than its human counterparts. Armed with quality information, doctors can take proactive, life-saving measures quickly and seamlessly. 

A secure cloud network stops facilities from spending tens of thousands of dollars employing administrative staff to manage documents and security staff to protect on-site assets.  It also presents patients with a private portal for accessing their data. They'll be proactive in managing their care and have a greater understanding of their condition. With easier access to patient data, family histories, insurance data, medications, past surgeries and incident reporting can all be easily monitored.

Our platform easily integrates into your existing electronic health records (EHR) system, so you can use our tools for data tracking and metric reporting, getting a bird's-eye view of your practice. This in turn helps you refine your method of doing business to further benefit your customer, the patient. Outsource your medical record scanning today to improve administrative efficiency and improve patient care.

The power of digital transformation

DRS Imaging is a digital transformation partner with over fifty years of experience working in document scanning, classification, and storage. We have powerful digital tools to help your practice refine its operational standards and produce better patient outcomes. Happy, cared-for patients bring repeat business through your doors and less financial risk. To get started with your practice's digital transformation contact us today. 


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