Five Ways Cloud-Based Document Systems Make Sense For Your Business

It's Not Necessary to Install or Maintain Software

Utilizing a cloud capture service means that there's no longer a need to commit to purchasing and maintaining hardware and software. Instead, you can purchase an annual subscription that fits your needs, then renew as necessary. This makes things extremely time and cost-efficient.

Subscription Pricing Can be Tailored to You

Purchasing a subscription that matches the volume of documents you will need to process gives significant flexibility, and it becomes service-related expense which means you could be approved for the cost much more quickly within the business.

Ability to Upgrade at Any Given Time

Cloud capture service is much simpler and quicker to install, and provides a great deal of flexibility if your needs change. Perhaps you decide to start small, only using it for one department, but down the road you decide to expand the service to the rest of the company and require more storage. With Cloud storage, you can do this at any time and change your subscription.

Add Users With Ease

Oftentimes, document scanning and data capture software requires each user to have the application installed on their computer. This can be very frustrating and time consuming for all parties involved, and may limit access at a crucial time. With DRS Cloud services, users simply scan into network folders directly from any scanner or MFP they have nearby. Folders are then automatically synced to the Cloud server and are processed through. If data requires validation, individual users can login through their own account and view/edit via a web browser.

Maintenance and Support is Included

There are no additional costs like there are attached to software services because it is all built into your subscription. We are available to assist at any point and perform updates without any hidden fees.