Enterprise Content Management & The Cloud

We, as people, are creatures of habit. There are times where it's out of simplicity and times where comfort is the strongest player on the team. After all, if the machine is working and we're seeing results that please us, then why fix what isn't broken? Companies are no different. So often, technology takes a new route with naught but the silent offer of you don't have to follow me, but you can if you want. However, the changing of times has brought many conveniences that are getting more and more impossible to overlook.

With the birth of the cloud came a growing number of options on recreational and professional levels alike. Many companies are beginning to laud the cloud for its potential and are moving several of their applications to join the new-age. Among the most benefited in this move are Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.

Questions are, of course, popping up regarding whether or not the cloud lives up to the hype. Is everything safe up there? How do I access what I need to WHEN I need to? How does this benefit me? Well, since we're here

How Secure is the Cloud?

Among the most valid concerns faced with a cloud-based ECM is the concern of security. After all, the last thing any company wants is to have the wrong hands on valuable documents and information. However, despite the fact that the information is off-site, measures are put into play to ensure a higher level of security than its on-site and file-sharing alternatives.

Starting the with greatest comfort, sensitive documents and information are held safely behind a firewall. This alone helps curb the chance of unauthorized outside hands reaching any of the valuables. Outside of this, there is also an available disaster recovery option through file syncing just in case the unthinkable occurs.

Is the Cloud Easily Accessible?

Accessibility is undoubtedly the true champion with it comes to making the decision to switch to a cloud-based ECM. The original intent of switching to ECM system is, after all, accessibility. All moving it to a cloud does is enhance the perk that's already been delivered.Of late, it's become so apparent that this is such an important facet for companies with a larger workforce that it's practically become the gold standard for ECM.

Despite the caution that goes into keeping your data secure in the cloud, those who are authorized to access the data have a far easier time doing so. Whether it's from the office, at home, or on the go, documents are able to be shared and edited with all of the standard functions of your ECM.