It can get quite confusing determining the difference between Electronic Documents Management Systems (EDMS) and Electronic Documents Management (EDM) systems; they are both very efficient methods of digitized document storage and have enough similarities between them that it is easy to confuse them. In order to choose the one that best fits your needs, you need to determine the difference, and that's what we're going to go over today.


Essentially, EDMS is a digital filing cabinet that provides easy storage and simple retrieval of documents. EDMS allows for remote creation and management of data using images and documents, as well as a vast array of other types of files. Although it is less structured than ECM, EDMS is still a very useful form of content management. It's good to think of it this way: EDMS does not require EDM, but ECM inherently utilizes EDMS.


EDMS tackles more basic management of documents, while ECM functions at much larger level. Outside of the aforementioned tasks performed by EDMS, ECM tacks on many beneficial layers, including heightened security and increased workflow. Because of this, ECM is an extremely popular choice for businesses that require the management of large amounts of data.


While both the ECM and EDMS storage systems provide streamlined document storage, ECM provides a much broader scope for management. This includes capturing content that allows for the digitization of any needed documents, then the storage of these documents with anytime/anywhere access and security you can trust. Once you have this done, you no longer need to worry about losing paperwork or damaging documents or even finding storage for thousands of pages! Overall, you can't go wrong with either option; it really just depends on your needs and the degree of security that your business requires.