Drowning in millions of documents? DRS enterprise document scanning is your lifeline

Data is everywhere in an organization, and it grows exponentially every day. Stored across different office locations and systems in various formats, a lot of it is on paper. Many organizations are drowning in documents and files— thousands, maybe millions of them in sprawling storage rooms, crammed in filing cabinets, shelves, boxes, and stacks of files all over the office.  It is overwhelming, not to mention costly, to manually retrieve a specific record. It also becomes an impossible mission if what you are looking for is misplaced or misfiled.

Paper slows down the enterprise: Going digital is the answer

Paper slows down the organization. As remote work models become the norm in the post-pandemic reality, organizations must find ways to eliminate paper, go digital, and make business records more accessible and easier to manage remotely.

You may have noticed that banks now charge their customers for paper statements and encourage them to opt for digital statements? It's not only about going green. Apart from the eco-friendly aspect of moving away from paper, enterprises have other reasons to emphasize digital.  

Inefficient paperwork and paper-based processes with slow response times are among the main reasons for customer dissatisfaction. What makes matters worse is that remote working forces document sharing between employees and customers—document digitization is the answer to achieve efficient remote collaboration.

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Backfile conversion: The first step to digital transformation

Digital transformation is no longer an option for enterprises—it is a necessity. And with millions of papers containing vital business information, the first step is document digitization. 

Converting your documents from paper to digital using an enterprise document scanning service and a robust Document Management System (DMS) gives employees instant access to all the information required to function remotely and collaboratively. 

The first step is to convert all backlogs or historical paper archives into digital formats—a process known as backfile conversion. Once the old records are digitized, the organization must initiate an ongoing daily process to convert every new paper document into a digital format and route it into document management software— a process we call day-forward scanning.

How enterprise document scanning benefits the business

Here are some direct benefits of document digitization:

  • Free up office space: By converting documents into digital images, you reduce physical storage requirements in the office and off-site storage areas.
  • Reduce cost: Save on the cost of paper, file folders, filing cabinets and associated staff.
  • Share documents quickly: Consolidate information across geographic locations and departments. Secured file sharing wherever and whenever required over the internet.
  • Find documents fast: Reduce the time spent in document search and retrieval and access information instantly.
  • Bring it all together: Integrate the scanned documents with back-end systems easily using a DMS.
  • Enhanced security: Keep documents safe and secure from external threats and internal breaches.
  • Disaster recovery: Prevent data loss due to natural or human-made disasters and quick recovery after any untoward event.
  • Compliance: Meet all regulatory obligations through classification, digital retrieval, and compliance monitoring. Adhere to retention schedules.
  • Preservation: Scanning preserves valuable and important documents that may be physically deteriorating.
  • Elimination: Eliminate the risk of information loss due to misfiled papers.

What do enterprise document scanning and imaging involve?

1. State-of-the-art scanning hardware

What is the volume of scanning? High-speed production-grade scanners are required to capture large volumes of documents in image format. Is the information originally on paper or other media such as microfilms, microfiches, large-format blueprints or hard-bound books? Professional scanning companies use specialty scanning equipment to achieve speed and accuracy in enterprise document scanning projects.

2. Document management software

It is not enough to scan documents and save the images in a digital format. The true value of the information in these images is realized only by software that reads and recognizes the actual characters and words. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the technology that extracts readable text from static images.

Enterprises must invest in powerful imaging software that scans, uses OCR to extract readable text, converts and saves the document digitally. The imaging software must also organize, classify the digitized files into an index that facilitates quick search and retrieval.

3. Information security

Professional scanning companies like DRS Imaging provide a high degree of security in handling documents in an enterprise scanning project. They follow a strict chain of custody, mandating background checks for authorized personnel and CCTV-monitored scanning areas. The document imaging software also provides another security layer by applying role-based access and rights to different documents. It maintains a record of every user interaction.

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DRS Imaging: Regional scanning locations

DRS Imaging specializes in enterprise document scanning projects. We can convert any information source into a digital file - including standard paper files, large-format drawings, blueprints, books, binders, photographs, microfilms and mixed digital media.

DRS offers two options for your scanning needs:

On-site conversion: We send our state-of-the-art equipment, project management experts and trained staff to your premises to execute the scanning project. 

Off-site scanning: Ship your documents to one of our document conversion centers. We have state-of-the-art SOC-certified facilities in thirteen locations throughout the United States. We arrange to pick up your documents from your site and complete the project at our facility.

Our regional document scanning center locations include:

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