Driving Digital Transformation in Information Governance

The term "digital transformation" can be confusing and even misleading at times, but the goal is for information governance people to recognize it for what it is: an opportunity to actually achieve their compliance goals!

Oftentimes, staff completely dread IT initiatives because the red tape and legalities involved can dramatically slow development and impede transformation efforts. Luckily, it no does not need to be this way. If the information governance fields can go into these initiatives with a concise plan to improve upon information exchange and to enhance the overall capabilities of both sides, then the transition can move much more smoothly.

What Is MVP?

MVP stands for minimum viable product, which is a prototype meant to work both in production and to serve as the foundation for the next generation. Digital transformation seeks to automate many functions in ways that link systems while simultaneously providing a more quality, seamless experience for the end users. In order to achieve this, information governance requires that its MVP's track all information necessary.

Tracking Information

No matter where the information is stored, information governance initiatives all begin with determining its location.

Your only job here is to make ensure that the information is properly tracked and understood. There are multiple systems that will share this information, therefore knowing the actual source and which information is going where is absolutely crucial.

The next step in the process is determining how to handle private/personal information long term. The risk of breach will bring the IT staff right on board and must be handled prior to adding control or retention.

Finally, only assert the minimum amount of control required to accurately preserve the information.

Be a Pioneer in Digital Transformation

When businesses discuss information governance, it is often considered to be a journey. This is because these projects very often wither and die in the end. However, it is now being recognized that transformation projects are causing major shifts in the enterprise. Implementing information governance is basically imperative to future success in this day and age. Let a new implementation of information governance be the foundation for the future of your business.