Document Management Software: The human element

Does paper burden your employees and hamper their workplace happiness? It's the same story in organizations of all sizes across the world. Businesses, both big and small, face a massive challenge in keeping up with paperwork. Filing, organizing, and retrieving paper documents is one of the least popular tasks among employees! It's little wonder then that approximately 7.5% of an organization's files are lost and about 3% are misfiled on any given day. It takes an average of 10 minutes per paper document to retrieve, copy, and re-file, and employees take more than one attempt to find 10-12% of these documents. 

Knowledge workers are happier with more meaningful tasks than filing. Repetitive, monotonous and time-consuming paper-based tasks negatively impact work satisfaction.

How do you overcome these challenges and benefit both the organization and its employees? Digitization offers a clear way forward.

Why organizations must consider a Document Management Software 

Is there a solution that makes the organization's people and processes more efficient, cuts costs, and secures information from external and internal threats?

A Document Management System (DMS) manages the entire lifecycle of business information. It captures, digitizes, organizes, and secures information from various source documents and files. The DMS provides new and effective ways to utilize the data stored in it, leverage it and complete tasks minus the paper. Organizations must use the DMS to create custom-built automated workflows to enhance growth, increase revenue and reduce work stress.

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How a DMS benefits employees: The human element

A Document Management Software has many direct benefits for the company, like a reduced need for document storage space, enhanced security, better backup and disaster recovery, and improved regulatory compliance. A DMS also has significant benefits for employees—easier retrieval of documents and files, better collaboration, improved client relationships, and flexibility at work. It makes working a lot more effortless, productive and less stressful. And if the employees are happy and their morale is high, the organization benefits in the long run. 

Let's take a look at the human element—at how employees benefit when the organization decides to implement a DMS solution:

Freedom from paper-based processes

Freedom from paper is a significant advantage for the company as well as its employees. For an employee, searching for and retrieving paper documents is time-consuming, and therefore, for the company, it is expensive.

Once employees experience a paperless system without manual handling of paper documents, they realize the value of the freedom it gives them. A DMS organizes information and also controls it. This dual advantage gives employees freedom from the stress and monotony of dealing with paper. 

Today worldwide, most data and information is contained in a digital format. But merely digitizing documents into electronic cloud storage is not the solution. It is only the first step. The real value of the data in these digital formats is unlocked using an advanced DMS that intelligently reads the information stored in it. A DMS automates workflows to derive the full benefit of going paperless.

Free up employees’ time for value-added tasks

The DMS is a powerful time-saving tool. The lesser time employees spend doing unproductive work like searching filing cabinets for files, operating fax machines, and moving paper, the more free time they will dedicate to their core functions. Paper-related tasks are nothing but an interruption to their core work. No matter how talented or hard-working employees are, repetitive paperwork reduces their value to the organization. The more time workers have to do what matters, the more they accomplish. Implementing an electronic DMS changes the way employees think about their work and the way the business performs.

Convenience and flexibility at work

A DMS gives a new meaning to convenience for the employee.  Using a DMS, employees retrieve files by searching for a word or phrase in a document using the full-text search feature. The indexing feature of the DMS also makes the information easier to retrieve.  DMS also allows employees to work remotely. Using cloud-based DMS, employees access files and send data from anywhere, provided they have access to the internet. Mobile access is available in most modern document management systems.

The DMS centralizes information. Multiple persons can therefore access the same document at the same time from different locations. Also, since DMS provides greater visibility to the business process, it allows for better monitoring of work processes and workflows.

Peace of mind for employees and employers

Security breaches and information leaks have always plagued paper-based organizations. Securing sensitive information is a big challenge for the company and a headache for the employees handling it! If employees feel they are constantly under the scanner, a sense of insecurity infiltrates the workforce. The element of mistrust hampers their work satisfaction. A DMS provides role-based user permissions that mitigate the fear of data breaches and information leaks. Employees feel more secure with electronic document access control.

Improved relationships with clients

They say business is more about relationships than anything else. Among the more intangible benefits of a DMS is that it improves client relationships. Here's how:

Faster response times: Instant access to all relevant information leads to less waiting time and quicker turnaround times.

Fewer errors: Incorrect information and outdated documents cause data inconsistency and delays. By bringing everything under one centralized system, a DMS dramatically reduces the risk of human errors and helps the team optimize workflows.

Easier collaboration: Good customer service requires collaboration - with your client as well as within your team. With a centralized cloud-based DMS, multiple departments have access to client information, so work gets done faster.

Enhanced security: When customers entrust you with their information, they want to be confident it is in safe hands. By placing all data securely on a DMS, you assure your customers that you take their confidentiality seriously.

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In summary

Time is money, and time saved is a significant benefit of a Document Management System that directly results in increased productivity. Faster and more efficient document access and retrieval raises employee morale and improves customer satisfaction.

Contrary to popular belief, DMS is not only about improving organizational workflows—it is also about boosting employees' performance in every business process. A happy employee will only help an organization achieve its goals and grow.

DRS offers you advanced document management solutions that recognize and bring out the human element in document digitization and workflow automation.

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