Document Imaging Systems: Manage your Information from Anywhere

Imagine a scenario where you meet a client in your office, and the client requests to see a specific document. You realize that this document lies in the company's storage area—your heart sinks! You know well enough that fetching it from the storage room, with its rows and rows of filing cabinets and boxes full of papers and historical archives, is going to take time. Keeping the client waiting for that long is embarrassing; it also makes for bad customer experience. And if the client decides not to wait for the document, the meeting is likely to be inconclusive.

Take 2: Your company has recently taken up a digitization initiative. You are with a client in an off-site location. The client requests to see an older document. You reach for your tablet or smartphone, access your company's document management system, retrieve the document in seconds, and successfully conclude the meeting.

That is the power of document imaging! Digital copies of business records put an end to a lot of chaotic paperwork. Apart from freeing up valuable office space, it makes the contents much more accessible to remote employees and speeds up business processes. Your teams no longer waste precious time hunting for documents.

What is document imaging?

Gone are the days when recording information strictly meant ink on paper! The digital age brought rapid transformation in the way organizations create, store, retrieve, share information and business records. Today, an organization's survival depends on the successful digitization of its business processes.

Document imaging is the practice of using scanning equipment to capture a digital image of a paper document and storing it in an electronic document management system (DMS) configured for easy search and retrieval of the digital image and the textual information contained in it.

Digital records bring transformative changes to the way workers access information:

  • Multiple users access digitized documents simultaneously
  • Documents are accessible from anywhere and on any device
  • The scanned images and the textual data are intelligently processed, automatically categorized, and securely stored.

Apart from high-quality scanning equipment, you must select the right imaging software to reap the rewards of digitization.

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What capabilities must your document imaging system have?

Let's look at some key capabilities a robust Document Imaging System must include:

Capture data at scale from multiple sources

Capture information from single sheets to large batches of records, from books to microfilm, including capture from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Additionally, your document imaging system must centralize information from different departments or geographical locations into a single repository accessible to all.

Searchable text using intelligent Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Ideally, every document imaging software must have OCR capability. It must capture and store a visual image of the document and intelligently recognize and process the words contained in it. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology achieves this end-goal. Once the text data is readable, the information is categorized meaningfully and is searchable using metadata. 

Information security

A document imaging software protects documents stored in it by applying access rights and providing audit trails. Only authorized persons receive access rights to the records, and the system maintains a record of every user interaction. A document imaging software makes it easy to maintain regulatory compliance as per your industry's record-keeping standards.

Versioning & Linking 

A sound document imaging system retains multiple versions of the same document using version control. It provides users with the choice to see historical versions of the document and trace others' changes.

Another must-have feature is linking related documents together so that users can find all related information quickly.

Transforming businesses one scanned image at a time

Document imaging systems transform business processes and lead to cost savings, improved efficiencies, enhanced customer experience and reduced errors. Here are some other benefits that an efficient document management system brings:

  • Eliminates the problem of lost and missing papers 
  • Reduces storage space requirements
  • Eases audits and compliance
  • Provides a high level of information security
  • Easier to share files and track changes by multiple users
  • Enables process automation and resulting cost reduction

And, of course, the most significant benefit of deploying a document management system is employee happiness—because when employees are happy, the organization thrives!

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Workflow automation: Move from working harder to working smarter!

One of the most incredible benefits of digitized documents is that it makes it easier to automate your business processes and create workflows that eliminate bottlenecks, free up employees' time, and enable them to work collaboratively.

Automated workflows distribute work efficiently between workers. Once an employee has completed his part of the work, the task is routed automatically to the next, making the whole process highly efficient and resulting in considerable savings in costs. Employees at every level work more efficiently because they spend more time at tasks better suited to their skill sets. 

Automated workflows integrate with your existing systems such as an ERP system or other enterprise-level platforms so employees can access relevant information from one location.

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