DocuLynx Announces Hyperscience Partnership


DocuLynx's partnership with Hyperscience will improve efficiencies for enterprises faced with the challenge of transforming handwritten documents such as invoices into structured digital data. Hyperscience uses machine learning to facilitate efficient, accurate transformation of handwritten documents into useable, storable data. In hand with the expertise of Doculynx's parent company, DRS Imaging, companies can now transform, share and access all electronic and digitized documents to improve efficiencies.

Handwritten Document Digital Transformation Capabilities Through Hyperscience Partnership

DocuLynx leverages top-tier technologies empowering its clients to adapt to the changing business environment with state-of-the-art automation capabilities. The latest addition to their growing suite of software solutions includes a partnership with Hyperscience, allowing clients to improve workflows saving time and money.

Hyperscience extracts printed and handwritten text from structured and semi-structured documents, such as forms, invoices, pay stubs, and checks. Using proprietary technology, machine learning creates an Intelligent Document Processing solution turning handwritten documents into structured data.

DRS Imaging offers a range of automation and storage solutions that include high volume data archival storage, efficient workflow software, and document imaging services

This new partnership now enables them to offer full-service, single-source document management services. As a result, they help decrease costs and risks in highly-regulated industries where manual processes are a major contributor to inefficiencies. Organizations benefit from a "clean data in, clean data out" approach to document management and workflow. With the correct inputs coming in, organizations can leverage the correct outputs going out.

Using DocuLynx and Hyperscience technology allows organizations to:

  • Reduce manual bottlenecks
  • Lower human clerical errors
  • Streamline workflows
  • Collect and index all formats into one easy to access and read format
  • Provide easy access to multiple locations safely, securely and consistently

Hyperscience is a perfect fit with the DRS Imaging philosophy and approach to making their customers' lives easier using a three-step process:

  1. Automate: Where are manual tasks causing bottlenecks that can be overcome through automation?
  2. Integrate: How can the integration of technology streamline workflow and create a more collaborative work environment?
  3. Accelerate:  Using effective training and educational content to make the most of the system across the entire organization.

"Hyperscience is key to the second step as it completely integrates all forms of documents," says Cliff Newman, the president of DRS imaging. "By digitizing handwritten documents, organizations can undergo a complete digital transformation using one solution. This is something not previously possible."

About DRS Imaging

DRS Imaging works with large enterprise businesses across various industries struggling with unmanageable or high quantities of paper, invoices, processes, bills of materials, receipts, transactions, etc. across conflicting formats. The partnership with Hyperscience helps complete integration using machine learning to transform handwritten documents into useable data. Reach out to DRS Imaging to learn how the partnership can improve your business.