Digital Transformation Trends in K-12 Schools

Digital transformation in K-12 schools provides both teachers and students with a greater opportunity to experience more engaging and effective learning. Through a comprehensive digital transformation program, the educational process can shift dramatically maximizing the value and quality of information shared while increasing IT efficiencies and mitigating risk.

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The Benefits of Educational Digital Transformation

Digital transformation in education provides the framework required to align technology to student records, curriculum and administrative documents. This can include information across many different formats. To sustain meaningful change, often schools must address the challenge of merging the old with the new.

Benefits include:

  • Scanned electronic documents free up valuable space and save money
  • You can choose the form of storage be it cloud computing or CD
  • Administrative time is reduced in retrieving information
  • Electronic documents can be shared instantly across all parties whether it is parents, teachers, students or administrators
  • Electronic documents are backed up in case of disaster
  • Electronic records can be retained based on your specific retention requirements

Digital transformation allows educators to begin the process to integrate all aspects of learning, effectively and affordably blending technology with older formats seamlessly.

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Addressing All Educational Documentation

With 50.4 million students in public schools and 3.1 million FTE teachers, your school manages massive volumes of information. From employee files to student records such as report cards, your school requires an easier way to manage documents. Digital transformation for education addresses the following:

  • Enrollment Management
  • Admissions Processing
  • Free and Reduced Meal Programs
  • Student Records
  • Accounts Payable
  • Transcripts
  • Human Resources
  • Donor Files
  • Vendor Management,
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Student Billing
  • Registrar Forms Processing
  • Student On-boarding
  • Contract Management

You choose the applications you wish to include in your digital transformation projects.

Scanning Services Update Old Formats

One of the most important tools driving digital transformation is digitization itself. Through scanning services, public schools can take any format of educational or administrative documentation and transfer it into an electronic format. By doing so, even paper documents are accessible through the same digital storage systems.

Although most schools and education providers have started incorporating new technology into the classroom, there is still a disconnect with record keeping. This causes confusion with a balance of paper records and electronic files that have to be stored and accessed. Administration issues become unmanageable while important records are placed at risk of loss.

Scanning services solve this issue by converting paper, microfilm, and microfiche to digital files. The new digital files are then stored in a secure, organized and easily accessible repository. This streamlines the process while securing and preserving valuable student information.

Some schools might prefer to use their own Kodak Alaris document scanners, an excellent option to continue the scanning process when required.

The Backbone of your Information Governance Process

The right software allows you to manage your enterprise information, regardless of where it resides. This can include structured and unstructured data stored in different applications. Mercury software can reduce IT storage costs and compliance risk while allowing you to maximize the speed and accuracy with which information is available. This reduces time spent searching so you can either reduce your administrative team or have them focus on more important school needs.

Mercury offers solutions that automate the critical tasks related to Information Governance allowing your administration team and teachers to:

  • More effectively collaborate and share knowledge
  • Allow fixed sequence and structure when meeting compliance requirements
  • Track who did what, when and why
  • Add flexibility to existing structures
  • Reduce the amount of time workers spend managing, searching and reproducing information

Through digital technology, efficiencies are gained across all departments.

Improved Workflow Through Automation

Digital transformation improves workflow using cloud-based and on-site solutions. This allows you to manage processes from beginning to end using a reliable connection that allows you to remain connected for easy document sharing. You can remain committed to being a paperless entity in the community without putting information and documents at risk.

With the right workflow automation software and document management system, you will improve the way you process, manage and secure sensitive information about students and staff. As a bonus, you will save time and money without long searches to find information.

Workflow automation assists in:

  • Streamlining and automating administrative processes
  • Keeping your sensitive HR and student records safe and secure
  • Improving the availability and accessibility of student records and information
  • Increased productivity to reduce team size
  • Safe way to share, send and store documents electronically

Digital transformation strategies allow school districts to address the challenges of managing massive amounts of records and documents. Through more effective information governance, you will enjoy more security in hand with easier access to information as required.

INDUSTRY REPORT: Top digital transformation innovations changing your industry