Digital Transformation - A Guide for Construction & Engineering Firms

The engineering and construction industry has been slow to adapt to technology despite the many benefits it offers to improve productivity and profitability. However, the industry is now primed to experience digital transformation to see improvements such as a reduced project life cycle, quality control, completion to schedule and safety.

Complementary technologies can easily be implemented to improve project management efficiencies to see substantial productivity gains that stimulate growth. This guide will introduce you to some of the technology available to assist in the successful digital transformation of construction and engineering companies.

Male engineer at a construction site with a tablet computer

Easier Discovery

When construction and engineering companies have data and documents across many different departments, it can pose a challenge when the information is not easily discoverable. Regardless of company size, often the challenge for business processes is that documentation is still in paper form. Looking at the information that often requires sharing from accounts payable to legal, not having a centralized, digital data management system doesn’t make sense.

Digital transformation provides an end-to-end data management solution that takes your paper files and scans them into a digital format. This can also be managed by your internal team using a Kodiak Alaris document scanner.

The benefit of transferring all of your paper to electronic data is that you can then manage your data, including workflow automation, archival, and presentment.

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Scanning and Digitizing Construction Documents

With the decision to digitize your construction documents, consolidation of your data becomes a reality. You can then regulate all your data with the right retention schedules. Suddenly discovery is streamlined allowing all those with access to easily search, find, and retrieve stored information even when on location at a construction site.

As well, with digitization, you can implement notification workflow for expiring contracts and other time-sensitive information. This way you maintain stronger vendor relationships and can ensure your contractors are paid on time.

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Automated AP Workflow

When you go paperless, invoices, approvals, records, and checks remain organized. Your accounting team gains control of your records and are better able to implement a document management system that automates the accounts payable process. Your contractors will be happier which will allow you to often negotiate better pricing which in turn can fuel company growth.

A centralized, automated accounts payable process also reduces labor costs when staff can access information and track invoices quickly. You’ll reduce processing time and avoid human error to improve efficiency.  

Improved Compliance

The regulations faced by engineering and construction companies are constantly changing. With the right software solutions such as Mercury, you can easily set your retention schedules while ensuring your data is safe and compliant. It will be retained on the proper schedule and offer disaster-proof storage. If you run into legal issues, you can quickly find the documents required to allow you to overcome legal disputes.

Engineering Information Management

Engineering companies keep track of plenty of data including technical documents, drawings, and project information. However, you also have multiple revisions across multiple construction projects and designs that can become impossible to manage. You need your information to remain fluid, so you are up to date on changes and more importantly ensuring your clients always see the proper version of your works in progress. This improves the customer experience.

With effective digital transformation strategies, engineering information management will allow you to keep up to date records and can deliver information in real-time. You maintain your business in an efficient manner while ensuring the integrity of your projects is never compromised. When you are able to manage the entire lifecycle of a project’s data from creation to implementation, you can ensure everything is tracked and accurately recorded throughout each stage of approvals.

Information Management provides complete, accurate, and actionable information that is reliable and available in real-time. It also ensures compliance needs are always being met across key elements of your business including health, safety, and environmental reporting standards. Modifications are made easily regardless of the scope of changes across the entire supply chain based on the needs of your digital transformation projects.

Engineering Document Management

Digital transformation for engineering and construction companies helps reduce the mounds of paper documents you are trying to manage. Storing, finding, accessing and sharing documents are streamlined when everything is logically organized and securely stored.

The right engineering document management system will:

  • Control documents in a centralized location
  • Improve communication and collaboration between teams and stakeholders
  • Comply with industry and regulatory standards
  • Support any litigation requirements
  • Allow full metadata configuration based on predetermined fields

Regardless of your company size, digital transformation initiatives will improve efficiencies and ultimately make your life easier.

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