Digital Mailroom: A Short-term Solution With Long-term Benefits

COVID-19 changed how businesses operate in 2020. After the government put widespread quarantines and social-distancing measures into place, companies all over the United States went into an unexpected remote work arrangement, turning standard operations on their head. For businesses that embraced a remote workforce before the pandemic, the transition was easy. For everyone else, it left critical business components, like accounts receivables, in shambles. Without physical employees on site, incoming mail has undoubtedly been piling up, including valuable check payments. After an entire fiscal quarter, businesses without remote infrastructure, like a digital mailroom, are experiencing significant cash flow problems.  

Now that social distancing restrictions are loosening, business owners are getting their first opportunity to stop and survey the damage. How bad that damage is depends entirely on the agility with which your company addressed the pandemic, and the decisions they make going forward. 

It Took a Pandemic to Change the Business Model 

The business world has been moving toward a transformative digital model for years, but change is slow. Companies that embraced remote mailroom solutions early on had the luxury of business as usual during the pandemic's first round as a result of their foresight. Far too many businesses, however, have been reluctant to embrace a remote business model due to spurious fears that employees wouldn't be as productive, their business strategies would lack proper continuity, or remote practices might impinge on privacy and security. 

COVID-19 has made arguments like that obsolete. Although social restrictions might be loosening now, experts agree that we're due for a second round sooner or later. It's time to get in the game with remote solutions like digital mail scanning. False objections aside the benefits of a digital mailroom are clear. 

Short-term Solution, Long-term Benefit

Companies that adopted a remote team as an emergency measure have had an entire business quarter to realize the advantage of employees working from home. While digital mailroom solutions were initially considered a short-term solution "just while operations went remote," companies are now investing in remote strategies for the long-term benefits. Turns out a remote The tide came in by force but, as it goes out, companies see the value of what that tide brought in. 

Digital mailroom services bring an incredible amount of added value to your business. They allow you to maintain your accounts receivables and other mission-critical operations without face-to-face team members. If you don't process incoming customer payments in a timely manner, your cash flow will dry up quickly. A digital mailroom eliminates uncertainty, letting you continue your core business functions without interruption. 

Digital mailroom solutions make your company leaner and more adaptable.

When the second predicted COVID-19 outbreak occurs, or some other unforeseen disaster happens down the road, implementing a digital mailroom service now enables you to continue your operations without losing valuable business during a time of crisis. 

A digital mailroom cuts operational costs. Remote digital solutions clear checks quicker. DRS' scanning service cuts out the face-to-face deposit middleman, giving you access to your funds faster. Digital solutions also help to reduce human error involved with manual business processes. 

Implementing a digital mailroom presents significant advantages regarding security, record keeping, and metrics. DRS Imaging's digital mailroom is compliant with SOC2 standards. That means that no matter your industry, from health care to financial services, our digital mailroom can protect the integrity of your customers' personal data. Streamlined project management allows customers to easily archive and retrieve financial data as well as generate a suite of complex reports to help them track the health of their business. A digital mailroom's all-inclusive set of tools are essential in positioning your company for success no matter what the world is going through. Because the bottom line is this: great customer service must be delivered no matter the situation.

How Digital Mailroom Services Work

If you're ready to step up your remote workforce capabilities, a digital mailroom is the perfect point of entry to modernize your business model. A digital mailroom is a type of ingestion technology. The platform takes in large amounts of real-time data and converts it into a digital format. From there, your company can use, store, or forward the data as it sees fit. 

Our digital mailroom service is more than just scanning incoming mail into a database. Our platform is a blend of project management, automation of existing business processes, and technology that turns on-site, paper resources into highly-mobile digital resources. We create custom solutions designed to filter your company's business-critical tasks and information into an adaptable flow of data that powers multiple aspects of your business remotely. We can build you a mailroom that is SOC2 compliant, or one that uses lock box scanning for your accounts receivables. We can take forms, invoicing, applications, and other critical forms and convert them from antiquated paper to electronic information. Implementing a digital mailroom is just the tip of the iceberg; our mailroom solutions are the gateway to a high-efficiency remote work model for your company. 

Initiating the process is simple; we can go onsite to retrieve your existing mail, or you can have your mail routed to one of our scanning centers. We'll handle the rest. After we digitize your mail and other documents, scans can be delivered to you by email, or we can upload them to an FTP client for daily disbursement into your location of choice.

Proactive Preparation 

Experts the world over believe that the United States will experience a second wave of COVID-19  this fall. Now is the time to get ahead of the curve. By adopting a digital mailroom service, you position your company to come through the next phase of the pandemic without losing a beat. 

Implementing a digital mailroom isn't just about emergency response; it's about planning for long term viability, addressing the next emergency—and the one after that. But it's also about updating your business practices to coincide with the changing global business environment. DRS Imaging can help you get in the game before it's too late.  Contact us today to streamline your operations and go remote with our digital mailroom solutions.