Creating the Best Document Strategy for Your Company

At businesses all across the country, employees spend hours upon hours a day creating documents. According to Microsoft, it's roughly 500 billion documents per year. Impressive, right? However, if you breakdown the statistics related to those documents, it looks a little less awesome. Here's a rundown:

  • 8.8 hours a week are spent searching for and gathering information, rather than simply creating it.
  • It typically takes 8 different searches for workers to find what they're looking for.
  • Employees across the country spend over one million hours a week searching for misplaced documents. This costs businesses over $20 million a year.
  • It takes up to 8 searches for workers to find the right document.
  • 83% of these workers lose significant time dealing with document collaboration problems.

Think of all the lost time and revenue because of this! While technology is quickly evolving to make this simpler, many companies have been hesitant to implement a strong document management strategy for their content producers.

Document Management Software

Document management software (DMS) can track, manage and store your documents and visual assets. Your paper documents will be digitized, which reduces storage needs while enabling quick file retrieval via search engines.

With recent advancements in Cloud-based DMS, employees can now be kept up-to-speed on an evolving document, while also allowing collaboration between employees, no matter where they are. Additionally, there are perks such as e-signatures that can, literally, save a business $20 per document while upping turnaround by 80%.


DMS provides a significant amount of privacy and security, with features that allow you to customize who can access a document, who can edit a document, and who can share a document. You can also easily remove access from individuals if/when necessary, and everything is stored completely securely.