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How Digital Court Records Improve Citizens’ Access to Justice

What will our justice system look like 20 years from now? In the digital era, technology permeates into every aspect of our lives—how we communicate, do business, or even entertain ourselves.....

building permit records

Improve The Management & Access Of Government Building Permit Records

Today's citizens have rising expectations from their governments. Private companies cater to every need of their customers and provide them with the ease of online services, 24x7 support, and....

digitization of land records

Disadvantages Of Physical Land Records And The Path To Digitization

Land records are the earliest, most extensive and comprehensive paper records held at all government levels, including at the state, municipal and county levels. These records may include various....

digital court records

Digital Transformation Strategy: The Benefits of Digital Court Records

The US federal court system works with significant backlogs of cases. Quicker case resolution and faster jurisdiction are essential for businesses, citizens, and legal professionals. 

DocuLynx Announces Hyperscience Partnership


DocuLynx's partnership with Hyperscience will improve efficiencies for enterprises faced with the challenge of transforming handwritten documents such as invoices into structured....

Bulk Scanning

Bulk Scanning: The Complete Project Guide

Many organizations are looking at bulk document scanning services to transform their paper records into a modern document management system that provides employees with easy access to information and....

document redaction

5 Tips To Streamline Document Redaction Projects No Matter The Size

As corporations, institutions, and government bodies move to digital documents, they are also faced with an increasing amount of data protection regulations and industry-specific compliances such as....

intelligent document processing

Exploring The Key Benefits Of Intelligent Document Processing

We've come a long way since the business world first started using paper and printing technology to manage their business information. Today, paper is seen more as a nuisance than an enabler. 

food manufacturing efficiency

How Food Manufacturing Efficiency Is Immediately Improved When You Go Paperless

The factory of the future will run on data. In the last few years, data has proved to be the most valuable asset for businesses. Smart manufacturing is the way forward for food manufacturers as they....

claim processing workflows

Why Insurance Companies Must Consider Claim Processing Workflows

Every business organizes repetitive tasks into a sequence of steps, which we call workflows. Simply put, workflows define how work gets done in an organization.