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 2022 HIPAA changes

2022 HIPAA Changes: Ensure Healthcare Compliance

We are seeing an exponential increase in telehealth facilities owing to the situational crisis precipitated by the recent global pandemic. With the emergence of new technologies in the healthcare ....

Digitizing School Building Blueprints to Create a Safer School Environment

Digitizing school building blueprints gives law enforcement officers immediate and ready access to updated or latest floor plans via cloud-based software. These digital copies of school building....

AB 1466

AB 1466: Solutions to redact restrictive covenant language

Until the late 1940s, racially discriminating or exclusionary covenants attached to property were used to keep persons of color out of specific neighborhoods. 

digital incident reports

5 Key Benefits of Digital Incident Reports

We are witnessing an era of rapid digitization in organizations across sectors such as finance, education, healthcare, legal & justice, engineering and manufacturing. But with these advances in....

Digital arbitration

How Digital Arbitration is the Future of Dispute Resolution

"Technology is universal. More people have access to the internet than justice. It's ubiquitous. It sits on people's devices. And it could give people access to legal resolution tools that go beyond....

Healthcare claims processing

Healthcare Claims Processing: Improve Efficiency and Compliance

Healthcare claims processing is a complex process. It is a long journey that starts from the time when a patient with a health insurance cover makes an appointment for healthcare services and ends....

HR process automation

HR Process Automation to Facilitate Employee Onboarding & Offboarding

Are your HR processes efficient and speedy? Or is your HR team burdened with administrative tasks that are prone to bottlenecks and manual processes that are slow and error-prone?

Santa Ana Scanning Facility

State-of-the-Art Scanning & Document Management Facility in Santa Ana


DRS Imaging's new high-security document digitization facility in Santa Ana meets SOC 2, HIPAA, and CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services) regulations. High-volume scanning of....

digital transformation in transportation and logistics

Digital Transformation Trends in the Transportation & Logistics Sector

Transport and logistics operations have traditionally been labor-intensive. Manual processes for data entry, localized and segmented information and a lack of integrated data means that there is no....

Government services administration document management

5 Ways Document Management Benefits Government Services Administration

We all have personal and family memories stashed in an old trunk or attic. Birth certificates, educational qualification documents, awards won at school, a child's first finger-painting, ancient....