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paper to digital document management

The Real Reason Companies Make the Switch from Paper to Digital: Document Management

Automation is a positive way forward for businesses in the coming years. It is ideal for harnessing the full potential of human capital, reducing redundancies at the workplace, and increasing....

quality control data managment

Streamline Mortgage Quality Control through Document & Data Management

Quality control is critical for mortgage lenders. Faced with pressures of thin margins, harsh regulatory compliance requirements, and rising operational costs, lenders struggle to create robust QC....

OCR and AI/ML data capture platforms

Understand the differences between traditional OCR and AI/ML data capture platforms

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is more familiar as a technology than it sounds! Anyone who has transformed a scanned image into a text file has used OCR.  Even the humble desktop scanner....

version control

How to Manage Version Control on Documents and 4 Reasons Why it is Essential

All of us are familiar with this situation: We save a 'final' version of a file on our computer or the office shared network. The moment we've finalized it, an email arrives with a request for a....

Why an Enterprise Content Management Platform is the Key to Digital Transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshuffled market conditions. There is a real danger that market leaders will be displaced and disrupted if they don't harness digitization to thrive in a future where....

cloud document system

Moving to a Cloud Document Management System? Get ready in 3 steps!

Cloud migration is an intimidating concept for many IT teams and company stakeholders! 

drowning in documents

Drowning in millions of documents? DRS enterprise document scanning is your lifeline

Data is everywhere in an organization, and it grows exponentially every day. Stored across different office locations and systems in various formats, a lot of it is on paper. Many organizations....

software companies and consumer-grade companies

What's the difference between Document Management software companies and consumer-grade companies?

Long before large organizations achieved complete digital transformation, the individual consumer was racing toward a paperless revolution! How? For many years now, most of us purely use the....

Document Management Software: The human element

Document Management Software: The human element

Does paper burden your employees and hamper their workplace happiness? It's the same story in organizations of all sizes across the world. Businesses, both big and small, face a massive challenge....

cloud based document management

Cloud-based Document Management: Have your stakeholders bought in?

Organizations have been slow to change from paper document-based operations to automated digital processes. Some studies indicate that while employees are willing to make the switch, the problem....