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Large Format Scanning

Large Format Scanning: The always up-to-date guide

Scanning documents is commonplace in most offices today. An A4 document scanner is a permanent fixture in most offices—as common as a desktop printer—an essential in office equipment.

On-site vs off-site document scanning

On-site vs Off-site Document Scanning

Most companies now acknowledge that a paperless office has many benefits—more accessibility, faster sharing, better collaboration, cheaper storage, and better security.

Medical Record Scanning

Medical Record Scanning: The always up-to-date guide

Healthcare institutions deal with large volumes of paperwork. Apart from the usual organizational data such as employee records, vendor contracts, licensing agreements, and financial documentation,....

Legacy Data Migration

Legacy Data Migration: Your Roadmap To Success

Are you holding on to outdated business applications, legacy digital databases, and old data storage methods? Maybe it's a project management system your company first installed 3 decades ago. Or a....

Redacting documents

Your Guide To Redacting Documents: Examples and Instructions

Digitization in every aspect of our personal and work lives is a reality we must accept and be prepared for. Digital copies of documents are routinely created, accessed and shared, opening out a....

Microfiche scanning

Microfiche Scanning: 6 Common Questions Answered

As technology advances by leaps and bounds, organizations must change how they store and manage their legacy data and documents from both a compliance and cost perspective. 

Record keeping for property managers

The Complete Record Keeping Guide for Property Managers

Landlords and property management companies have a heavy load of paperwork.

 2022 HIPAA changes

2022 HIPAA Changes: Ensure Healthcare Compliance

We are seeing an exponential increase in telehealth facilities owing to the situational crisis precipitated by the recent global pandemic. With the emergence of new technologies in the healthcare ....

Digitizing School Building Blueprints to Create a Safer School Environment

Digitizing school building blueprints gives law enforcement officers immediate and ready access to updated or latest floor plans via cloud-based software. These digital copies of school building....

AB 1466

AB 1466: Solutions to redact restrictive covenant language

Until the late 1940s, racially discriminating or exclusionary covenants attached to property were used to keep persons of color out of specific neighborhoods.