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How Intelligent Data Capture Software Can Streamline Business Processes

Artificial intelligence will inject an extra $2.6 trillion into the economy by 2020. This is exciting news for any business keen on leveraging the intelligent economy. Intelligent data capture is....

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4 Ways to Eliminate Mortgage Servicing Pain

The mortgage industry has undergone a major shift over the last decade. Regulations on document production and organization have never been so strict. The intense dissection of records management,....

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Back to the Future - Microfilm & Microfiche Scanning

Despite the world becoming less dependent on traditional forms of documents and records, many companies still use manual processes that are not only archaic but also time-consuming. A good example....

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Offsite or Onsite Document Scanning Services - Which is Right for Me?

Many companies have vital information, data and documents living in both the paper and digital worlds. This can lead to issues not only for storage but also for access, security, and compliance.....

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How to Mitigate Risk During the Loan and Mortgage Process

Financial services teams are now under great scrutiny in offering mortgage and business loans to their clients. They must ensure that each piece of information within their systems is completely....

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A Guide to Improving Patient Care with Medical Records Scanning

Medical records scanning is helping medical professionals track patient data with precision. This level of data accuracy is critical to operations across healthcare facilities. In terms of patient....


RPA Improves Processes and Productivity Within the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry was quick in the widespread adoption of robotic process automation (RPA). Due to the repetitive, rules-based processes of the insurance industry, it's the perfect candidate....


Robotic Process Automation and How it Can Fail Us

There seems to be an ongoing debate the past few years on whether or not Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is truly a useful tool for large scale use in businesses. One could argue that the....


Predictive Analytics & You

As the digital-era continues to evolve at a rapid pace, the use of analytics to measure a variety of things isn't really foreign anymore. Increasingly, we rely on technology to track and measure....


DRS Imaging Services Hires Mr. Jeff Russo as Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing