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Automate with Document Scanning and Document Conversion

Paper isn't going anywhere, but it's an antiquated method of moving information from one place to another. It's also difficult to quickly extract the data you need to power your business profitably. 

Onsite Scanning: Document Digitization Experts & Technology at your Doorstep

Scan papers. Convert physical documents into digital formats. The best hardware for your scanning needs. All right within your office premises.

Putting the 'Hyper' in Automation With Machine Learning

Times have changed—and so has DRS! We continuously invest in cutting-edge technology to fully equip today's paperless, automated office with the latest tools.

Integrate Paper Records With Intelligent Data Capture

Information fuels the modern enterprise. Business processes rely on the efficient use of data from various sources—web forms, paper applications, scanned images, typed reports and hand-written....

AP Automation for Food Manufacturing: Tackling Industry Challenges During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic proved to be a universal equalizer—not leaving anyone untouched. Businesses throughout the world felt its impact. Some struggled harder than others. And the food manufacturing....

How to Achieve Highly Accurate Data Capture & Extraction for Handwritten Documents

Digitization of paper documents is the first step in an organization's digital transformation journey. It involves scanning all paper documents, printed and handwritten, and capturing the information....

Digitize & Automate Accounts Payable: Strategies for Secondary Care Homes During the Pandemic

The world faced an unprecedented crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic over the last two years. Even now, businesses continue to reel under its after-effects. Perhaps no other industry was under as much....

paper to digital document management

The Real Reason Companies Make the Switch from Paper to Digital: Document Management

Automation is a positive way forward for businesses in the coming years. It is ideal for harnessing the full potential of human capital, reducing redundancies at the workplace, and increasing....

quality control data managment

Streamline Mortgage Quality Control through Document & Data Management

Quality control is critical for mortgage lenders. Faced with pressures of thin margins, harsh regulatory compliance requirements, and rising operational costs, lenders struggle to create robust QC....

OCR and AI/ML data capture platforms

Understand the differences between traditional OCR and AI/ML data capture platforms

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is more familiar as a technology than it sounds! Anyone who has transformed a scanned image into a text file has used OCR.  Even the humble desktop scanner....