food manufacturing efficiency

How Food Manufacturing Efficiency Is Immediately Improved When You Go Paperless

The factory of the future will run on data. In the last few years, data has proved to be the most valuable asset for businesses. Smart manufacturing is the way forward for food manufacturers as they....

claim processing workflows

Why Insurance Companies Must Consider Claim Processing Workflows

Every business organizes repetitive tasks into a sequence of steps, which we call workflows. Simply put, workflows define how work gets done in an organization.

digital workspace

Understanding and Implementing a Digital Workspace for your Business

There was a time when the word 'office' conjured up an image of a cold, hard work desk piled high with files and stacks of paper printouts—part of rows and rows of similar desks and chairs in the....

food manufacturers digital strategy

Here’s What Food Manufacturers Gain with A Digital Strategy

In the last couple of years, the food manufacturing sector faced unprecedented challenges. Restrictions imposed by the pandemic led to supply chain issues, logistical problems, and staff shortages.....

scanning microfiche

5 Things to Consider Before Scanning Microfiche Data to Digital Format

As an information storage medium, photographic film was used for decades before digital formats came into existence. As a result, many government and institutional archives are still stored on....