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Information Governance: Why it's a priority, not an option

Information Governance: Why it's a priority, not an option

Published by CapGeminiBy Sukant Pandey

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8 Myths About Information Governance

1.  Information governance is just a fancy term for records management.Traditional records management has its roots in the management of paper based files, of which most were truly capital R....

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Is This The Right Time For My Business To Start Scanning Documents?

Yes!  It really is as simple as that one word answer when it comes to the question of Document Scanning for your business.   The reason for the one word answer is equally as simple: the elephant....

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Paper is essential to business...empower it!

As much as we love the idea of eliminating paper, the reality in the business world is that this is impossible. We use sticky notes by the phone to jot down important messages, literature to hand....