Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Information Management Consulting and Facilities Management Services

Digital transformation is undoubtedly the buzzword of our age! It is the reimagining of business in today's digital age. And while the term "transformation" means dramatic change, there are some first steps your business can take that keep the drama to a minimum.

With information management consulting, you can chart a path to reduce costs, streamline your internal workflows and boost efficiency. Once your company's unique needs are plotted, facilities management services can quickly turn you into a paperless office.

Information Management Consulting: The importance of hiring experts

The modern enterprise runs on data—and information management is a critical function that can make or break the organization's success story. Organizations are constantly looking for new and more efficient ways to harness business data and use the insights from data to build on more effective and optimized business strategies. 

Information management refers to processes around collecting and managing information from multiple sources, stored in various formats, and distributed to more than one location and one audience. This information may be in electronic or physical format, including legacy paper records, microfiche or microfilm archives, and audio/video content.

Information management processes ultimately determine how people and organizations collaborate and execute business strategies. 

Organizations are under increasing pressure to manage information responsibly and ethically and comply with evolving legal requirements. Governments and people are demanding transparency, and therefore the need to manage sensitive consumer information that organizations hold is more important than ever. Since failing to comply with these regulations can result in big trouble for organizations, the need for an efficient, safe and effective information management system is more relevant than ever.

Well-managed information systems and well-governed data reduce IT storage costs, minimize compliance risks and maximize information value. 

It is a good idea to hire professionals for information management consulting. Working with consultants and technology vendors can be great for your company as their expertise and experience will save your company time and money and ensure legal compliance.

Remember that the purpose of hiring or partnering with an external group to craft your digital transformation is to draw upon their expertise.

DRS has extensive experience in the data management world. Our clients trust us to manage their valuable information. Our consulting team consists of industry leaders who stay on the cutting edge of their craft. 

We help organizations reimagine their work processes and transform information governance, document management, and data storage processes for efficiency and optimization.

Facilities Management: Integrated solutions for people, processes, and technology

Facilities management is an organizational function that integrates people, place and process within the built environment to improve the quality of life of the people and the business's productivity. 

It encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality, comfort, safety, and efficiency.

Facility management service providers take over a particular business function; for example, companies can reduce payroll while retaining talent by transferring staff to a partner. They are committed to improving operational efficiencies and service quality levels. 

In today's environment, facilities managers need to understand and use technology to benefit workers and organizations. Information management systems aggregate data, which is used for making crucial decisions about how to operate the business and manage the workplace. Identifying and implementing the right technology is the primary responsibility of the facilities manager. Integrating technology is typically the domain of the IT department, but facilities managers are the final authority on how they are selected, used and leveraged—and also determining the cost, ROI and advantages of new technologies and integrating them into the facility' processes.

As a facilities management company, DRS manages mailrooms, scanning operations, HIM medical records scanning in support of ICD-10 coding, and release of information services. Our integrated and on-site scanning solutions provide significant savings and demonstrate a positive impact on business growth and performance. 

In conclusion

Going digital isn't a choice – it's a competitive necessity. At DRS, we show you how to start your digital transformation the right way. 

Whatever your unique needs, we will unlock your potential and deploy best practices to deliver results and drive the business forward. 

DRS Imaging is the trusted digital transformation partner of some of the largest companies across the country.

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