5 Ways Document Management Benefits Government Services Administration

We all have personal and family memories stashed in an old trunk or attic. Birth certificates, educational qualification documents, awards won at school, a child's first finger-painting, ancient family photographs and even inherited property or financial records. Some of these are important to preserve and must be easy to retrieve when you need them.

Similarly, countries also hold archives of ancient information and citizens' public records, public institutions, and government legacies. These may include confidential military documents, immigration records of naturalization and valuable public land records.

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Managing public records at a national level

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is the record keeper for permanent records in the United States. The country's most valuable documents, right from the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, are held in public trust by NARA. 

Many valuable records are preserved and made available to citizens by NARA, whether you want to search out your family's history, need to provide proof of military service, or research a historical topic that interests you.

NARA safeguards and preserves government records, ensuring that the general public can discover and learn from this document repository. It also establishes policies and procedures for managing U.S. Government records, manages the Presidential Libraries system, and publishes the laws, regulations, and Presidential and other public documents.

It is also NARA's responsibility to increase public access to documents stored in the National Archives. In addition, NARA must also manage the rapidly growing number of electronic Government records. The Electronic Records Archives (ERA) keep essential electronic Federal records retrievable, readable, and authentic.

Digitizing government services administration records 

Federal government offices, municipal agencies, and county-level bodies are moving toward paperless record-keeping practices. The shift to digitization is clearly visible, whether it is in public safety agencies such as the police and fire departments, urban planning offices, county clerks' offices, and even the courts and the justice system. A records management platform helps streamline the management of public records and legal documents and improves compliance with information governance policies.

A government document management solution speeds up information search and retrieval, reduces document storage costs, and improves the efficiency of crucial document-based government processes.

The benefits of government services administration document management 

Government agencies must work with limited budgets while facing ever-increasing citizens' demands. Document management solutions benefit citizens, government officials, and staff.

#1 Speedy search & retrieval of vital documents

One of the main reasons government agencies are going paperless is the frequent challenges they face in finding essential files when needed. Document scanning converts paper records into electronic formats, which can then be routed into a document management system to create a searchable database that makes documents easy to find and retrieve. 

Mercury, our ECM platform, is designed to take structured and unstructured data from existing IT applications such as an ERP, HR or financial system. Mercury analyzes, classifies, migrates, monitors, and reports on structured and unstructured data, all available in a single classification system for analysis and speedy retrieval. 

#2 Advanced access control

Government documents are likely to hold sensitive or confidential information. Mercury ECM has robust security layers and stringent access control built into it to protect sensitive documents. 

It provides a complete log of activity by all users. System admins can view this audit trail, track changes, and pinpoint accountability for edits and deletions.

#3 Compliance and document retention

Document management software helps government offices adhere to important records policies and retention schedules. Staff can set up retention policy schedules to trigger automated alerts when documents reach expiration so they can send them for destruction according to the mandated procedures. Mercury also complies with IG security standards and data security compliances for government agencies. 

#4 Faster processing of citizens' requests

Digitization and real-time file sharing, updates, and notifications make government service processes faster and more consistent and enable government staff to respond quickly and efficiently to citizens' service requests and inquiries. This results in a better citizen experience that improves citizens' satisfaction with government administrative services. 

#5 Save time, space, and costs

Digitized documents stored on affordable cloud storage free up real estate used for paper file storage. Government agencies have incredibly high volumes of files that must be stored over long periods of time. Cloud storage saves costs and allows more productive use of public funds.

In addition, an ECM system reduces the time spent by staff managing paper documents and coordinating manual paper-driven procedures. 

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DRS: A leader in government services administration document management

At DRS, we assist government agencies in digitizing high-volume government records while providing document management solutions, safe & affordable data storage solutions and backup for vital records. 

Scan and digitize paper documents

DRS has been providing document imaging and microfilm scanning solutions to government agencies across the United States since 1964. We deploy the highest level of security in handling government documents during the scanning procedure. We have successfully completed complex scanning projects for multiple government agencies, helping them make a smooth transition from paper to digital.

Convert scanned images to full-text searchable digital format

It is challenging for government offices to move away from paper completely. DRS offers intelligent data capture technology to automatically extract data from physical documents (such as handwritten applications or hand-filled forms). Advanced OCR and ICR software digitally capture key data from scanned image files, converting them into machine-readable text that can be indexed and used to classify documents into a searchable repository.

Automate repetitive manual tasks

Manual, paper-based tasks slow down document processing and create bottlenecks in government services. DRS offers workflow automation software that streamlines sequences of multiple repetitive tasks into digitized workflows. Our process automation experts work with government agencies to optimize their daily business processes and introduce automation sequences tailored explicitly for government services administration. 

Summing it up

DRS Imaging has worked extensively with federal agencies as well as municipal and county level government agencies, providing digital, paperless solutions to managing high-volume public records, archives and processes. 

Our professional document scanning, redaction, and indexing services help government agencies create a searchable database for efficient document processing and affordable storage. In the final analysis, our services help government agencies provide a better citizen experience.

Contact DRS for expertise in digital transformation solutions for government services administration.