What to Do if Your Organization is in a Storage Crisis

A crisis may be defined as an unplanned event, situation or sequence of events having an undesirable consequence. And many organizations may have plans for such scenarios in departments like marketing, public relations, and account management. But what about a crisis in data and information storage?

Your organization is just one of many generating huge amounts of data every day. In fact, the International Data Corporation research forecasted that the volume of digital data worldwide is projected to reach 44 zettabytes by 2020. And this growth in data is quickly outpacing the manufacture of physical storage space. It's much easier to generate digital data than to build physical storage devices. It's become a huge challenge for both storage systems and IT budgets to keep up.

Storage issues can simply result from the fact that the data is exceeding our ability to store it. But organizational transformation, a lack of motivation, and unawareness also are contributing factors. Whether you are still holding on to a host of paper files or have run out of room in the cloud, first thing's first: Stay calm - and know that you're not alone.

Why Increasing Your Capacity Isn't Enough

You may believe you can just simply increase the capacity of your storage device or system. While it may solve the problem in the short-term, it's definitely not a cost-effective solution in the long-term. Deleting or archiving data and putting a systematic data retention policy in place makes more sense and is a more viable solution for the long-term. There are a number of data management, archiving and storage solutions that DRS Imaging can help you implement to keep things organized, accessible, and secure.

What Data Do You Have?

If you're in a crisis, take a step back and determine what information you have and how you want to store it. Look at your structured and unstructured data, the myriad silos and any in-house applications you're using. You'll need to come up with an information governance backbone to help determine the best route you should take.

What About the Cloud?

A cloud service may be exactly what you're looking for. But ask yourself: Is cloud storage secure? How much will it cost? What services are best for our industry? Do you need an on-site, third-party or private cloud storage and archiving solution? Based on your data backup, recovery, security, and archiving needs, we can help you evaluate your information lifecycle to determine the overall cost effectiveness of second-tier storage.

Moving to an encrypted and private storage optimization system solution allows you to scale it to your unique needs. You can give yourself ease of mind knowing that you can easily store, search, retrieve, present and archive data.

Think About What Can Go

But remember, you may not need to store everything forever or make everything available to everyone at a moment's notice. Once you optimize your filing and storage systems, you'll eliminate redundancies and streamline data across various departments. It's a way to not only reduce costs but will likely solve your storage crisis in one fell swoop.

A storage crisis can be more than just a one-time occurrence: It can result in a strategic disaster easily impacting your bottom line. That's why you should address it before it becomes a serious problem and put a maintenance plan in place to avoid a repeat issue. DRS Imaging has the solutions and expertise you need when it comes to safely and efficiently storing your organization's data.