Start 2017 With a Bang and Reduce Storage Costs

Most IT departments are experiencing critical mass in data storage between tight budgets, complex infrastructures, and concerns about information security. It can all be overwhelming, but at the end of the day, you need a way to manage data at a reasonable cost effectively.

Some experts say that the global volume of electronically stored data is doubling every two years. Plus, you know that data storage consumes a significant amount of resources within your organization - and doing it affordably isn't an easy task. But simply buying more capacity or investing in a new platform isn't the answer: You'll spend too much for a solution that will just make your problems worse.

Did you know Our records and information management software (DocuSuite) specializes in automating critical tasks related to information governance and storage optimization, and that you can reduce storage costs by up to 80%?

Our solution is easy to implement and makes data not only better organized, but also more secure. We will help to identify and classify information in a way that brings down costs and meets compliance and security requirements. By running policies to investigate your data through quickly analyzing information, you will be presented with reports illustrating the attributes of your data so you can know:

  • What to keep: Important information, which information to retain per policy, and active files
  • What to delete: Redundant information, obsolete Information, trivial information, and information beyond its required retention period
  • What to secure and encrypt: Customer information, financial information, sensitive and confidential information, employee files, and intellectual property
  • Where to put it: Primary storage, cloud, archive, and tapes

How do we do it?

Mercury ECM performs automated full audit/analysis of storage resource usage to generate reports on your current capacity management and provides complete data assessment statistics on your optimization potential.  When our clients decide to reduce storage costs and employ the best Information Governance and Storage Optimization software, they go through the following three processes:

  1. Eliminate R.O.T. Redundant, Obsolete, Trivial Information. It's an obstacle looking at every piece of information you have, let alone where it's stored. But once you understand where data resides, you can quickly analyze it with DocuAnalyze to build a game plan and delete unnecessary files.
  2. Store data according to its value. DocuClassify will scan a document's content to determine and identify what kind of security it needs and where it should be stored, whether in primary, secondary or long-term storage. This gives you ease of mind knowing it's protected and exactly where it's supposed to be.
  3. Reduce file sizes and preserve long-term information. Once you know what does and doesn't need to be archived, you can start making moves. You may associate archiving with the loss of files, but DocuFile will keep a document's appearance and accessibility active.

All three steps will not only save you time and energy but money. By implementing streamlined procedures, reduced workflow processes, and a single central repository, you will significantly reduce overall costs. When you modernize data storage within your organization, you'll see both direct and indirect savings across the board.

So what are you waiting for?

Start the new year off right by making a commitment to manage your data in an efficient, cost-effective manner.