The Real Cost of Filing Paper

It's time to rethink how you are managing company files.

Although the term paperless office has been around for decades, people and businesses are only now starting to make the transition more fully. With today's technology, most businesses have let go of traditional filing systems to go digital - realizing not only cost savings but also improved office-wide efficiency.

The process can be a bit intimidating depending on the complexity of information within your organization, but the rewards are worth it. Not only is going digital better for the environment, but you'll experience serious benefits.

  • You'll spend less time handling non-essential tasks and gain the ability to access information or documents instantaneously. Going paperless means spending less time sorting through filing cabinets, walking to and from the printer and organizing records.
  • Give a boost to your bottom line and save money when it comes to printing, copying and storage costs. Employees can spend more time doing things that matter, and you can cut back on purchasing or fixing equipment.
  • Improve customer service by making things more accessible with a digital record management system. When a customer calls, your rep can use keyword searches to look up information easily and solve problems quickly. 
  • It's essential more now than ever to have high-security measures in place when it comes to the data and documents you store. With secure document management, you'll have multiple systems and security levels in place - making it much harder to access than simply pulling open a drawer.

At the end of the day, going digital will save you time, use less space and give you better security.

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