Why Your Business Needs to Go Paperless

Are your employees wasting time and money looking for information?

It's extremely likely if your data is stored in a multitude of applications and silos such as file shares, SharePoint, email and CRM systems - let alone if it isn't digitized.

When information isn't effectively stored, employees are unable to collaborate, share knowledge or stay on top of a project's progress. In fact, a knowledge worker spends a whopping 40% of their time managing documents, 15-35% searching for information and 15% of their workweek reproducing information that already exists.

That's why it's important to reduce complexity for all document types. When you utilize a customized software solution, such as Our Mercury, you can search, view and retrieve all documents with ease - eliminating wasted time and enable employees to focus on other more important tasks.

Going paperless also gives you better access, more flexibility, and stronger security. It provides greater convenience when dealing with logistics, multi-person projects or geographic constraints, and is much safer than storing sensitive paper files in an office.

The transition may not be stress-free, but when your business optimizes processes and documents workflows, employee efficiency will soar. By increasing visibility, traceability, and productivity, companies can gain a competitive edge, improve customer service and make their employees' lives easier.

DRS Imaging information management software helps companies of all sizes optimize their processes and document workflows.

If you don't believe us, take a look at how much you're spending on missing files: