Why You Should Rethink Your Information Governance Program

Do your employees struggle with collaborating or sharing knowledge effectively? Is it hard to track who did what, when and why? Is your existing data structure preventing flexibility?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, you should take a look at implementing information governance technology into your organization. When you apply a particular set of policies, processes, and infrastructure to your organization - and its valuable information - efficiency will soar, risks will diminish and costs will drop.

Your business should be using creative storage solutions to remain comfortable with both immediate and future regulatory, legal, risk environmental and operational requirements.

Regardless of where your information resides, here are a few ways how an information governance program can help:

  • Automation: With the vast amount of information you hold, it can get confusing, complicated and frustrating if an employee tries to search for, retain, delete or migrate documents. Information governance allows you to easily perform all these tasks - and more. Accessing information should be a stress-free and convenient process, and it will boost employee efficiency and improve the bottom-line as a result.
  • Security: Cyber security should always be top of mind, and your data management solutions should always address the specific risks you face. Just imagine files with personally identifiable information automatically restricted within the appropriate departments.
  • Optimization: When you use an information governance program like Mercury ECM, you're identifying which information is relevant and which is rarely used. Storage optimization and utilization will reduce aches and pains for the IT department as it moves data to its rightful place in primary, secondary or tertiary storage if necessary.

If this isn't enough, take a look at the biggest reasons why you should implement an information governance program with DRS Imaging today: