What We Learned At MER: File Shares & Email Are A Hotbed for Chaos

DocuLynx/DRS Imaging was among the top 20 information management solution providers invited to exhibit at the Managing Electronic Records Conference in Chicago last month. The educational content was the best we've seen. The attendees were eager to find solutions to address four main areas around file shares and email:

  • The inability to control dramatic growth of unstructured data in file shares and email 
  • The lack of transparency to know what information is stored in file shares and email
  • The inability to act on information in file shares and email after analysis is performed
  • The pressing need to remain compliant in the area of data security and records management

The consistent request from attendees was the need for a solution that can:

  • Analyze unstructured information in place 
  • Identify and classify records based on full-content, learning auto-classification
  • Apply policy in place
  • Automate actions on information such as: delete, migrate, secure, retain, or encrypt

We were overwhelmed with the number of attendees that wanted to preview a demonstration of our solution which addresses these needs. By popular demand, we condensed our demonstration to a quick 3-minute overview video so you can also learn how DocuLynx/DRS Imaging can help you control your file shares and email with ease.