Best Practices From Our Customers

DRS Imaging has the pleasure of providing information management solutions to some of the most innovative and well-respected companies in America. While each customer is completely unique, we have been able to establish five core best-practices that we have gleaned from implementing successful information governance programs:

  • Digitize Anything You Want To Manage

    • Defensible disposition has come a long way and most industries do not require paper records to be kept after they are imaged. We encourage all of our customers to digitize ANYTHING that they want to manage and defensibly dispose of the paper. Digital records are easier to search, more cost effective to store and easier secure. 

  • Centralized Policy Management

    • Information Governance requires the holistic application of information policy across a number of domains including retention, search, privacy, security and knowledge management. While it is beneficial for individual departments to facilitate policy creation, it is essential to ultimately manage these policies centrally for consistency, overlap and priority. 

  • Automated Policy Implementation

    • Traditionally, policy implementation requires employees to change their behavior. However, despite the best efforts of many programs, employees will still continue to store information where they can find it and share it. Additionally, the complexity and volume of information has made manual information governance virtually impossible. Our automated solution allows you to input your policy requirements centrally to search, secure, retain, delete, or migrate information without changing the behavior of your employees. Additionally, our intelligent migration will leave a stub file behind so your employees can still access information where they would expect to find it. 

  • Information Managed According to Value, Risk, Privacy, and Knowledge

    • Transactional information should remain transparent and accessible to enable the business to make sound decisions and deliver excellent customer service. However, sensitive information should remain secure and only accessible to those with proper access to maintain certifications and meet compliance requirements. When information governance is implemented properly these types of seemingly conflicting requirements are made possible. Imagine the right people having the right access to the right information at the right time - this is our ultimate goal for your information governance program. 

  • Information Governed Where It Lives

    • It is unreasonable to migrate data to a central warehouse or archive before it can be governed. This introduces unnecessary complexity, cost, risk, business disruption, change management and user training. Additionally, this approach cannot manage the unstructured data that will undoubtedly remain on your file shares, email and other applications � all which are subject to discovery or an audit. We believe that the best place to manage information is where it currently lives and only migrate it if your policy or process dictates. This is best for your employees and it is best for your business. SAP, SharePoint, Email, File Shares, Cloud Storage, and any other application you are using delivers value to your business. We enable you to optimize these systems, and then appropriately manage the information residing in these platforms and repositories. Additionally, we do not require a separate database to store the metadata for your information. This dramatically reduces the administration, implementation and complexity of your information governance program.