USE CASE SPOTLIGHT: Marketing & Media Departments

The Situation

The Marketing Department at a multinational bank was struggling with the management of its graphics archive and additional offline data storage systems (which housed over 2,000 DVDs). They were having difficulties keeping up with a data growth of over 100 GB per month, storing and administrating the data and being able to retrieve needed data quickly.

A system was needed to:

  • Improve access to the data
  • Avoid increasing the size of the 1 TB online data storage     
  • Provide an increase in system performance
  • Save money

The Solution

DocuSuite was installed on the customer's storage subsystem and ran its DocuAnalyze and DocuFile modules. DocuAnalyze immediately analyzed the data and showed that 1 TB of storage was sufficient to store the data which needed to be online. DocuFile automated the movement of data in offline storage systems to a secondary storage system giving users more immediate access to that data.


  • Users can access all of the data online.
  • Monthly data growth takes place in cheaper secondary storage.
  • In fact, 85% of all data can be migrated to the secondary storage which is 70% cheaper to run.
  • In the end, total storage costs were reduced by nearly 60%