Information Governance - Records, Risks & Retention In the Litigation Age

Nowadays, investigations and court cases are likely to hinge on evidence from electronic documents, emails and even social comments. As the argument moves from how do we keep stuff, to how can we defensibly get rid of stuff, what shape does enterprise records management take? And how do we keep a lid on the escalating costs of content storage?

In this report, we look at the risk profiles around electronic records, retain vs. delete options, e-discovery issues, and the implications of social and cloud on RM policies. We also look at the development of enterprise-wide governance policies, and how they translate into system strategies.

For IT decision makers it's not a choice of whether to move core functions to the cloud but when. In particular document and records management systems, and corporate collaboration suites, throw into sharp relief the issues of security and governance that can often be offset in other web applications in favor of cost-saving or flexibility. Of particular concern are the consumer-grade file-sharing systems that can by-pass IT control, but which business users find so useful.

In this report, we look at the issues, experiences and decision-making around general cloud computing, content storage in the cloud, cloud collaboration and cloud governance. Download the free 28-page report to inform your decision-process.

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