Paper is essential to business...empower it!

As much as we love the idea of eliminating paper, the reality in the business world is that this is impossible. We use sticky notes by the phone to jot down important messages, literature to hand to our potential customers, notebooks to log our creative genius...agendas, lunch menus, annual reports, telephone lists, executed contracts, blueprints, mail, invoices, employee records, checks and the list is endless. 

So much valuable information lives in paper form. Don't shun it; it's a part of life and can be a very powerful tool. 

However, it's important as a business to capture the brilliant ideas on paper, the critical business forms that make it possible for you to make money and the documents of the past to help you understand how to make decisions in the future. 

Don't let your paper documents slow you down by keeping them locked in a file or stored in an offsite facility. This is where the power of technology and the simplicity of paper can co-exist. A capture method is essential to any business that dares to operate at a higher level. More than simply scanning a document into a flat, unsearchable image.

Technology allows for scanning services to index your files and make the contents of the document searchable so you can immediately pull up that invoice that hasn't been paid or the blueprint of your last project. 

DRS Imaging can help you convert your paper documents into valuable enterprise information that can be accessed immediately and easily. in addition to paper, we also convert microfilm, microfiche, photos, mixed-media, USBs, CDs and pretty much anything else that contains information. Contact us today to help your business go to the next level!