I Have Searched Everywhere

By Bob Larrivee, Director of Custom Research at AIIM

This is something I have heard all of my life. Something is not where it should be, and you begin searching for it. Family members would state, I have searched high and low or I have searched everywhere and still can't find it. In business, this is also a common statement in relation to finding information. The search is on, but finding is somewhat challenging.

According to the AIIM Industry Watch report titled: Search and Discovery-exploiting knowledge, minimizing risk, 43% of respondents admit that they have only basic search tools, and a further 39% can only search within discrete repositories. This means that from a user perspective, there are multiple log-ins to manage, multiple taxonomies and vocabularies, and the potential of finding duplicates without version control. In other words, there is no standard and consistent way to search for and find information across the enterprise.

How good is your ability to search across your key content?

In my view, while there may be some legitimate reasons for siloed environments, like those in highly secretive organizations, there is no longer a reason why users should have to search multiple repositories independently. Technology available today enables information to be managed in place and searched using a single interface. While there may be multiple repositories, the user sees only one interface, their portal into the information they need.

Begin by investigating what content is being used and by whom? Where does this come from and how is it accessed? Are these repositories linked in any way or will they need to be integrated? Is there a way to search across departments and repositories using a single interface and login or do you need to find a way? Once you have identified and understood these elements, you can begin the process of selecting and implementing technology that supports user search and findability. The question remaining is, when will you begin moving your search capabilities forward?

A Solution to the Search Silo

DRS Imaging offers powerful search capabilities throughout your organization without moving any of your data from their existing application, repository or database. Contact us today for a simple solution to the Search Silo. 

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