Digital transformation in law enforcement

How Digital Transformation In Law Enforcement Benefits All Citizens

There has been no dearth of imaginative robo-policing in popular sci-fi books and in reel-life.

Workplace safety technology

How Workplace Safety Technology Is Creating Safer Working Environments

Modern enterprises consider employee safety and well-being as a priority and a primary necessity. Governments also mandate safety protocols to ensure that businesses comply with them to prevent....

Mergers and acquisitions automation

The Importance Of Automation For The Mergers And Acquisition Process

We are witnessing an unprecedented pace of technological innovation with the emergence of disruptive technologies and accelerated adoption of digitization. In this climate, a record amount of capital....

Land Records Digitization

How Land Records Digitization Benefits Citizens & Government Offices

Land records are public documents that must be made available to citizens who want to purchase land, property rights assessors, and real estate developers who want to launch projects. 

How Digital Court Records Improve Citizens’ Access to Justice

What will our justice system look like 20 years from now? In the digital era, technology permeates into every aspect of our lives—how we communicate, do business, or even entertain ourselves.....

building permit records

Improve The Management & Access Of Government Building Permit Records

Today's citizens have rising expectations from their governments. Private companies cater to every need of their customers and provide them with the ease of online services, 24x7 support, and....

digitization of land records

Disadvantages Of Physical Land Records And The Path To Digitization

Land records are the earliest, most extensive and comprehensive paper records held at all government levels, including at the state, municipal and county levels. These records may include various....

digital court records

Digital Transformation Strategy: The Benefits of Digital Court Records

The US federal court system works with significant backlogs of cases. Quicker case resolution and faster jurisdiction are essential for businesses, citizens, and legal professionals. 

DocuLynx Announces Hyperscience Partnership


DocuLynx's partnership with Hyperscience will improve efficiencies for enterprises faced with the challenge of transforming handwritten documents such as invoices into structured....

Bulk Scanning

Bulk Scanning: The Complete Project Guide

Many organizations are looking at bulk document scanning services to transform their paper records into a modern document management system that provides employees with easy access to information and....